Thursday, July 28, 2011

Honey do Hubby...

Scott has been working a lot on the RV. I think he equates the RV to how he would feel about a special car.
Let's see if I can remember what he'd done so far.  Remember, this is our first RV, and we are LIVING in this FULL TIME. So we are trying to make it as comfortable as our home, just more "cozy".  That's the term used in real estate for a small house. Sounds nicer than very small house.
Installed "JT Strong Arm" jack stabilizers
"Ambient Weather" thermometer: This thermometer has 4 readings that you can decide what they are for.  We have 1. Outside 2. Inside 3. Refrigerator 4. Basement compartment  It also give barometric pressure, which is good for me, because I think my migraine headaches may be related to the pressure drops.

Took out the couch today!!!! So much more room! The couch will now go to someone that could use it on Freecycle.
Turned the dining room table sideways and put up against the windows and it is now my desk, until we find an actual desk more suited.

I added a thin baker's type rack in the unused space between the bathroom sink and bedroom drawers. Right now we are storing our towels there.

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