Friday, October 14, 2011

Busy, Busy...

Location:  FOUR PAWS KINGDOM, Rutherfordton, NC 28139
How did I ever have time to work a 40 hr week?
Been working on organizing the RV, instead of everything just thrown in and not knowing where it all is.
The past couple of days I worked on our kitchen pantry.  Our 2007 Cedar Creek 33LCDTS Silverback has pantry doors in between the stove and the fridge. Lots of storage, BUT...the are 11" wide and 24" long.  That's a very dark and long drawer.  It has been difficult to make use of the rear of the drawers.  It was very frustrating. I knew we were using these drawers as best we could. So, I put drawer sliders in 5 drawer/cabinets.
I'm very happy with the end result.  Now, before you comment on the finished job, keep in mind, I just wanted to get this completed. I did not finish or paint the wood.  So maybe down the road, I'll pull them out and paint them all the same.
Before 24" deep
I purchased the material at Lowe's. I think each slider was about $7.00. Only one needed per drawer. They are center slides.

Really quite an easy project. Once you get the hang of one, you just do assembly line and finish off the rest.


  1. Howdy Debbie,
    Thank you, for the blog & pics, but as a CARPENTER & CABINETMAKER, used to working with this type of hardware, someone who isn't would be very hard put to do this redo... Also, the back end of the track, IF ONLY screwed into the particle-board, with ALL OF THE WEIGHT of the canned goods, THE SCREWS WILL WORK OUT, THE BACK-END WILL TILT-UP AND THE CANS WILL HIT YOUR FEET; SO BE VERY CAREFUL PULLING THE SHELF OUT !!! The best way would be to use a machine-screw with a self-locking nut, to anchor the back-end of the track... Yes, the track will hold 35# of goods IF THE TRACK stays connected... (You'll need a 90* drill, though to drill the holes.) That is a really neat idea !!!
    Hope y'all have a really HAPPY DAY !!!

    1. Our sliding shelves have worked great for 2 years with no weight distribution problem or wiggling or loosening.

  2. It's not even bolted down! That's so easy I could do it.


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