Friday, October 14, 2011

Dead man walking

Location:  FOUR PAWS KINGDOM, Rutherfordton, NC 28139
I feel like a dead man walking, the final walk before the end of it all.
We've already extended our month stay by 3 more days. Now we just got word that this site is open until the end of the season!
Here's a lesson...there are consequences to procrastination.  Because we were lazy and didn't get started on clearing out our stick house and getting it ready for sale to the last minute, we are FORCED to head back to NJ to do the finishing cleaning of the house and yard and put it in the hands of a real estate agent. I just want to be done with it!!! I don't want to go back to NJ.
We may really push our time schedule and stay another week here at Four Paws Kingdom.  Then we will only be in NJ for a week, and we will HAVE to keep busy finishing up the house.
Had a crying spell because I miss Ryley so much.  We were eating breakfast at Denny's and I was reading "The Social Lives of Dogs".  In the book they were talking about the ranks of people & pets in the home.  The owners are usually #1 & #2, then the most dominate pet, etc.  While in the car they spoke of when the #1 person left the vehicle, the #1 pet would move up to the empty driver's seat, because that was the person of the highest ranking being in the household.  I just lost it.  That is exactly what Ryley would do.  If we were to leave the dogs in the van (on cool days only of course), we'd find Ryley sitting up in the driver's seat when we returned.  Even after he went blind, he would still find his way up there.
The honeymoon period is over with Devin.  Time for some training.

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