Saturday, December 24, 2011

HOLT, FL 32564

Location: BLACKWATER STATE PARK, Holt, FL 32564
RV: I have been so concerned about getting to California by June and Montana by July,that I've only been wanting to stay a week at the same place before moving onward.  Scott assures me that we can slow down. So we may start staying 2 weeks at a time after our last reservation which is near New Orleans, LA. We'll see.

Dec. 22 - Dec. 29, 2011
$22./day Site #19
Our rating: 4 out of 5 Would revisit.
+Many large/long sites (TiTi loop better sites)
+Full hook ups
+Clean sites with stone or cement
+Daily garbage pickup
+Paved roads
+Dog poopy bags provided
+Lots of walking trails
+Blackwater River walking distance for swimming & canoeing
-Verizon internet so-so
-Verizon cell ok, AT&T cell, no service
+Private sites
Blackwater State Park is a really nice park.  We happen to be on a cement site, which I think is supposed to be handicapped accessible. Although I like the more rustic atmosphere of Ochalocknee State Park, I don't miss the sandy roads & sites.  We were all constantly dragging dirt into the RV.  At this park, we can go out barefoot and not worry about the dirt.
We have had terrible internet connection at both this park & at the last park.  We are starting to wonder if it is a problem with our modem or other equipment.  According to WHEELING IT blogger, Verizon was supposed to be great here.

VIEW:  Although we don't have a beautiful view, at least we are looking into woods. Very thick woods. So it feels private.

There are some nice short trails within the park that go along the river.

FOOD:  We've only been here one day and Scott found a Pet Smart, a Publix and a great Thai Restaurant!  It's called Wasabi House, Authentic Japanese Cuisine.  4797-99 Hwy. 90, Pace, FL 32571  850-994-9068
Scott brought take out home for lunch. Very nice surprise.  We sampled the Thai Red Curry Chicken, the Tom Yum soup, fried rice and vegetable fried rice.
The Red Curry Chicken was EXCELLENT. Some definite heat to it, so I needed a glass of milk to cool my mouth.
The Tom Yum soup is a Thai version of Hot & Sour soup.  Good with some heat, but still prefer Chinese Hot & Sour.
Fried rice, was delicious and moist.
The highlight for me was the vegetable fried rice.  I didn't think it would be much different from their regular fried rice, but boy was I wrong.  Strong flavors that blended beautifully together, with chunks of veggies sauteed and mixed in.
We will be stopping here for dinner one night I'm sure.

CRAFTS: I worked on the Sweet Memories Shrug, on our 3.5 hour drive here.  I am working on the ribbing for the arm. All that is left is to sew together & put an edging on.

PETS: We wonder what the dogs think when we change locations.  When we open the RV for their walk in the morning, do they realize they are in a different place?  They seem to handle it well.  Devin opened the screen door by himself today and went outside.  Scott was outside doing something and saw him.  Scott just acted happy to see him and called Devin in a happy to see you voice. Devin came right over to Scott.  Phew! Devin has been much calmer at this campground. It is so heavily wooded that any wildlife is hidden in the brush.  So even though Devin runs from window to window in the morning to see what he can find running around outside, all is still and Devin stays calm.  That is a really nice change.
This morning it was 48° outside. Great temperature for a nice morning walk.  We walked down to the Blackwater River. Once there, I let Lyla lead the way. When we came to a fork in the path, I just let her go the way she wanted.  She was having a blast! I was somewhat concerned that I may get lost, but I figured I could backtrack if I had to. Lyla gently pulled and guided us along a small lake, over a wooden bridge and lo & behold, she brought us back to the camground! I'm so proud of her.  As soon as we hit the paved road of the campground, she relaxed and let me lead the rest of the way.

BOOKS:  Still reading Messiah. Well worth the read.  Also, listening to Double Dexter.  Both are about serial killers, so sometimes I've been getting the characters mixed up.

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