Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Quiet time

Last day at Ochlockonee State Park
Another nice relaxing week.  I am slowing accepting that right now, my life is about ME. I get to watch a lot of TV, I get to read & craft a lot and IT'S OK! I'll take this easy life style. I'm sure when the house gets a buyer, we'll be in for some stress, so I'm enjoying this down time right now.

RV: Modification-Scott finally figured out how to mount the living room TV on an arm that swings. That is one less thing to put away for safety before we travel.  The cabinet for the TV is just thin board and was made to hold the old style heavy TV's on the slide tray. Scott knew this thin board could not handle the stress & weight of the arm and TV. So he reinforced the cabinet with 1x1's and a 3x3 board.  He stained them golden oak and it matches beautifully and the 3x3 board holds the TV & arm with no problem.  Now we have some extra storage behind the TV. Yea! More storage!!!

Storage under & behind

Arrows show added wooden braces

Not much going on at this campground. VERY quiet & VERY dark at night.  We have seen some beautiful night skies without light from surrounding towns interfering.  I haven't seen a sky like this in almost 20 yrs. Scott is into the stars and what they are, etc.  He was showing me the section which is it's own galaxy, and then of course we saw the big dipper, etc.  It looked almost fake, like those glow in the dark stickers you put on the ceiling in a bedroom to imitate the sky. I had bought Scott a telescope a few years back and was so happy that I got something that I knew he wanted. He used it a couple of times, but with the lights from town interfering at home, he lost interest. Down to the basement it went.  We did salvage that before the junk cleaning crew emptied our basement.  No room for the telescope in the RV, so in storage it has gone.  Maybe in the future, we'll find room for it somehow.  This State Park is exactly the kind of place to use the telescope.
There are HUGE pine cones everywhere. They are larger than the size of Scott's hand.  When they fall on the roof of the RV, we just hope they are not doing damage. They make a huge thump when they drop on the roof.
There are also white squirrels here! Some are all white, some are white with a gray streak down their back. I saw one that was all white and when you looked at the tail sticking up, you could see the dark bone through the tail.

We also saw our first and would be nice only poisonous snake. Alive and sunning in the middle of the road where we were walking our dogs.

FOOD:  I drove 15 miles to get to what I thought was the closest "super"market according to GPS.  Ended up it was a a teeny tiny grocery store. The packaged prices were high, but the meats weren't too bad.  I picked up some boneless chicken breasts for $1.79 a pound. Of course, the label stated "USE TODAY OR FREEZE".  Into the freezer it went, since ours is almost empty. We needed butter...$4.09 for a pound.  No 1/2 pounds (2 quarter stick packages) available.  And to think when living in NJ, I used to stock up on butter on sale at $1.99 a pound. That is a sacrifice I'll make to continue our full time lifestyle.
I always like to have fresh broccoli in our fridge. I can eat that steamed or raw. This grocery had broccoli  crowns packaged in plastic wrap. Really, just the crowns, no stem at all...nice! Picked up a package, inspected for age, hmmm, is that a little bit of mold? Yeck! Picked up a different one, same thing and the 3rd, again the same thing. This week, I'll stick with our canned veggies.  Scott goes out the next day and finds an IGA within 5 miles. Geeze!
On the way home, I saw a little Mom & Pop seafood joint. I believe it was called Steven's Seafood.  I decided to surprise Scott with a shrimp basket for him for dinner.  I go in to this tiny place with fold up tables & chairs as the dining room. There are a couple of locals eating there, so it must be ok.  I order our very unhealthy, but local seafood fried dinners. I should have ordered ahead, so I didn't have a chance to look around. While waiting about 25 minutes for our dinner to be ready, I had a chance to look around at all the dusty family pictures displayed. I looked behind the counter and saw a few yellowed sheets of paper hanging on the wall with quaint sayings such as "I can only please one person per day. Today isn't your day", etc.
Then I looked at the wall to wall windows. They had curtains made out of beach towels with shower rings holding them up.  Dust & cobwebs and the top in between every ring and the ceiling. That doesn't mean the kitchen is dirty does it?  Then I looked right above my head in amid the dusty cobwebs is a huge dead(?) cockroach!!!! Oh my gosh! Calm down. Aren't cockroaches difficult to control  in Florida? And, at least it was dead...I think. Well, our whole dinner is fried, so that will kill anything bad in the meal.  Yes, we ate the meal and 2 days later, we feel fine. But, I will not be going back there again.
Now Scott, who seems to have had better luck with not only the grocery store, but a take out dinner, brought home a wonderful bbq sampler.  We had some ribs (fair), some smoked chicken drumsticks (delicious) and some shredded smoked pork (delicious). Their bbq sauce was wonderful...sweet with a little bite.
CRAFTS: I finally have a project that I think I'll be finishing! It's so nice to be using larger needles and fiber again.  I'm working up a shrug out of the yarn I had spun from Ryley, Pillsbury and Lyla's fur.  The combo of light and dark is very nice. This is the pattern I'm knitting. And below is my progress so far. I think it's going to be really nice.

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