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So this is how our week in a Hammock (The hammocks found in northern Florida contain "the largest numbers of species of trees and shrubs per unit area in the continental United States" Platt and Schwartz 1990:194) began...
Arriving at Highlands Hammock State Park, we were greeting by a friendly creature who wanted to find a new home in our kitchen. Scott was kind enough to gently escort our unwanted guest outside, where he took a rest on our tire rim.

RV: We almost took out our roof AC by a low hanging branch from a LIVE OAK TREE.  Thank goodness for Scott's eagle eye Wife! I don't understand why Scott can't maneuver an RV around a campground and keep a look out above for low branches also.  (Sarcastic remark). Luckily I was doing my part and looking up and screamed STOP!!! If I hadn't, we would have been back to the repair shop. 

Dec. 1-Dec. 8, 2011
Our rating: 4 out of 5 Would definitely revisit!
+Beautiful setting
+Bathrooms close & clean
+Many trails and bike paths
+Dog poopy bags provided if you ask
-Sites close together
-No sewer (dump station)
We spent this past week at Highlands Hammock State Park.  BEAUTIFUL park.  Here is our view driving into the park.

There are a few paved sites, but most are soil, covered in pine needles.  There is dense wood all around which makes for a beautiful view when the campground is close to empty.
The sites are squished together to fit as many sites in as possible. But this is only a problem on weekends or the busy season. This place packed up full on the weekend. The sites are so close that it looked like we were all one big group together. Come Monday, it was back to the quiet, empty campground we so enjoy.
The bathrooms were modern and clean. There are 2 washers & dryers by the bathrooms with a table for a book exchange.
Here is the view outside our RV on a weekday. Our Irish Setter, Devin is actually in the next site. That is how close they are. Where ever there is a picnic table, that is a site.

The weather was absolutely perfect! If I could have weather like this all year round, I may not miss snow. I'd rather have snow, than hot & humid. But the temps were around 65 to 70 every day.  I spent most of my time outside.
Here's my busy schedule
Devin still gets me up anywhere from 6:30 - 7:00am. I take the dogs for a 45 minute walk and thoroughly enjoy the scenery, the smells, the wildlife.  Deer and squirrels all over the place.
After our walk, I eat breakfast (toast & coffee) at the picnic table and read for an hour.
Then I move to the outdoor recliner chair and have another cup of coffee and read for a couple of hours.
Take the dogs for another walk.
Now an hour or two on the computer "working". Which means doing my volunteer work for Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue. 
Maybe do some crafts in the afternoon. Presently making a plastic canvas tote to carry supplies for the pot luck dinners we enjoy.
Take the dogs for a walk.
Go for a bike ride or hike.
Now time to head inside do more volunteer work on the rescue applications & also web surf.
Read during commercials in bed, while watching TV.
Very relaxing way of life.

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