Friday, December 2, 2011

Miss you

RV: This is the start of our adventure. We have no obligations until our Alaska trip in July. We know where we're headed in general, along the Gulf coast north, then west. But no reservations and no time frames yet.
Very weird feeling, not knowing where we'll be next week.
Also, very weird feeling knowing we not heading back to NJ in the near future. This makes me begin to truly miss my friends.
No evenings eating ice cream, knitting, & getting into laughing fits with the ladies at WHAT'S THE SCOOP.
No evenings knitting at Barnes & Noble, although I do miss the days of meeting at Border's.
No Sundays at Shirley's getting lost in knitting machine instruction.
No relaxing with Petra and drinking wine and letting the stress release.
Other than that, this full time RV lifestyle is quite nice.
Scott & my roles seemed to have changed.  While living in NJ in a stick house, I did most of the cleaning & working around the house.  Scott worked F/T and had a few honey dos, but mainly was able to relax and spend time on his computer while at home.
Now, I'm more relaxed and Scott is working on the "house"/RV.  I refuse to feel guilty about sitting around and knitting or crocheting.
CRAFTS: I find myself playing more games on the computer, I read a book about every 3 days. I'm also finally starting to knit or crochet on a regular basis.
My goal for crafting is to not have any leftover yarn from a project.  I recently made a mobius cape and had about 3/4 skein left.  I made an kerchief and still had yarn left, so then made a summer skull cap.  Have a very small amount left and plan to make a simple necklace with the rest.
COOKING: We've been so busy with Cedar Creek Owners Club rallys, cleaning out the house, visiting my parents, that Scott hasn't really cooked much.  So now he'll be able to renew his hobby of cooking.

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