Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sebring, FL continued

Our final day at Highlands Hammock State Park. We considered staying a second week, but I said we may need that week to get North for our Alaska trip in July 2012.
Most of our time was spent at the campground.
FOOD: We did go one day food shopping. Never been to a Sweet Bay grocery store. We bought a pound of their broccoli salad. Yum! Broccoli, raisins, bacon, onion, sweet mayo, sunflower seeds. Great combo. Anyone have a recipe, please link it in the comments.
We also went to DON JOSE MEXICAN RESTAURANT. I had done a Google search for eateries in the area. Don Jose received rave reviews.  We went on a Tuesday early evening.  Large restaurant with a large deck for outside eating, with a view of Lake Jackson.
They gave us the typical nacho chips and salsa. The salsa was very good with just a hint of heat to make your lips tingle.
We both started with Black Bean soup.  At first I didn't care much for it. It seemed bland. I'm used to some heavier spicyness to it. But as I continued, it just blossomed in your mouth. Very creamy with bits of cilantro and onion. I would order again.
Scott ordered Salmon that was smothered with tomatoes and zuccini.  He enjoyed it but when he saw my Chicken Fajitas, he wished he'd ordered that. The Fajitas were truly delicious.  The chicken mildly seasons and char cooked nicely. Served with 4 flour tortillas, guacamole, sour cream and tomato salad. I put that all on the tortilla and rolled it up. Wonderful! Served with spanish rice and black beans. The spanish rice was light & almost fluffy which was a nice change from the sticky mess you usually get at mexican restaurants. I left the black beans. They just tasted like they were straight from the can with no seasoning added.
Heaven...I'm, in Heaven! I had the flan for desert. Probably the best I have ever had!!!!! Scott had Tres Leches, which he said was delicious also.
I will be craving that Flan for a loooooong time!
HIKING & BIKING:  Although I preferred staying at the campsite to read & craft, Scott enjoyed exploring the bike trails. My bike is made for long distance road riding, Scott's new bike is for both road & trail. So he took off quite a few times on his own.

On our last day, we both took a bike ride and a hike through a looped trail. What an adventure for such a short hike.  We are used to NJ vegetation and bugs and wildlife.
The Florida vegetation reminds you of Jurassic park. So of course, Scott had to play that up.  First he tells me I'm awful brave for wearing sandals when there are scorpions in Florida! Then he starts with stories of the wild boar in the area. Well pay back's are a you know what.
While I was walking ahead of Scott, I spotted low hanging spider webs connected from tree to tree across our path.  I warned him, but he still was quite stressed. He is somewhat phobic of spiders. Well, my always inventive husband came up with a "web wacker"!
Scott using Palm Frond stem to wack spider webs
But AGAIN, Scott's "eagle eye wife", saved the day. Ahead, just above our heads was a huge spider web. We probably would have been fine passing under, but I just had to point the spider out to Scott. Like I back's a b____! His reaction was priceless.  He acted as if he was about to throw up or run when I pointed the spider out to him.
Black & Yellow spider 3-3.5" long with dragon fly
Above is what I pointed out to him.  Just a little itty bitty spider who web had captured a dragon fly. Anyone know what kind of spider? Let me know in the comments section.
**UPDATE May 25, 2012: I believe I found out what kind of spider this is! A BANANA SPIDER! I was reading some old posts from BOB AND LINDA'S RV TRAVELS. They were in a hammock forest when they saw the spider. We were also walking through a hammock, when we saw our spider.
Here is a photo of a Banana Spider. From what I read they are pretty harmless, just scary looking.

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