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Jan. 24 - Feb. 7, 2012
$18./day Site #24
Our rating: 3 out of 5 Would revisit.
We arrived at NATCHEZ STATE PARK around 2:30pm. Scott reserved a pull thru. Wow! Really easy to park! But, it is one of the worst sites in the campground. We do not have a clean view of the woods or lake. There are either RV's or buildings in the way.

+ Water & Electric (50 amp) & dump station
-Verizon & AT&T cells no bars
+Verizon & Sprint internet OK
+Level paved sites
/1 washer & dryer (clean)
/ Bathrooms ok

But still a nice place. No time limit for your stay either. No AT&T cell service, but more important, we do get AT&T & Sprint internet.  Decent bathrooms, and 1 washer & dryer in good condition. There's a nice trail down to the lake.  I've really got to pay more attention to the details, such as the name of the lake, where we are in respect to other states etc.  I seem to just be living in the moment and place. Meaning, I'm at this campground and this is my own little neighborhood. No real desire to explore the actual towns. I'm very comfortable in the RV and walking the dogs, reading, and playing on the computer.
RV: Just a short 2 hour ride from Baton Rouge to Natchez, MS. I kept mixing it up with Natchez, LA. I found a couple of restaurants I wanted to try and then realized they were in LA, not MS.
At the campground, on one side of the street is the campground and on the other side of the street is woods with signs stating hunting allowed.  So on Friday, the campground fills up a little bit with lots of hunters. You see young boys in camouflage and orange vests. This is a little bit of culture shock.  I try to keep away from areas for hunters.

There are flocks of buzzards in the trees. I assume they are waiting for the remnants of the hunt. When we walk the dogs, all of a sudden you hear "woomp, woomp, woomp" and the buzzards (smaller than turkey vultures, but larger than hawks) start flying. The "woomp" sound is their large wings pushing the air for flight.

Escapees Mail Forwarding Service has been working out great. I just send an email and they send a packet of mail to the local Post Office via General Delivery.

I'm amazed at how much time I spend on the computer. This is what I do:
Record keeping and application processing for A&B Eng Setter Rescue.
Play Freecell
Play Zuma
Check emails
Follow links from emails, which include knitting, crocheting, RV fulltime, RV mods, audiobooks recommendations, free kindle book downloads, free ebooks, yahoo groups, blogs, billing.
Looking to where to travel next.
Search for things to do & places to eat at present location
Cruise on Ravelry, in forums, new patterns, friends activity
Read others blogs
Scanning into the computer, craft magazines brought from home, so I can purge them.
Keeping spreadsheets of campgrounds, restaurants, sights, books, budget.
Read digital magazines.

Scott finally cleaned/organized "his" side of the RV basement.  He was not making good use of the space and couldn't get to many things. I'm proud of his accomplishment. I wish I had taken a before photo.  He downsized from large tubs to small tubs, reorganized drawers, found some items he didn't know he brought.

DOGS: Took a really lovely walk along the lake with the dogs. It feels like a fall day in NJ today, which I love.  The sun is shining, but there's a chill in the air and the need for a jacket. Our 8yr old English Setter, Lyla has perked up on the walks. She really seems to enjoy the sights & smells. There's a prance to her walk. Of course, Devin is always up for a walk, no matter where.

We had blessed relief from squirrels and other small creatures while at Farr Park. That made Devin much calmer. When he would look out the window, there wouldn't be little scurrying creatures for him to get all excited about. Here in Natchez, there are lots of squirrels, so Devin is back to running from window to window and trying very hard to hold back his barking. We end up having to close all the blinds until he settles.

Devin is getting my hopes up that he may be settling down.  The past two days he's found his spot on our king sized bed and has relaxed for quite a few hours during the day without coming into the living room &  nudging my arm to go out.  It's been a pleasure to take him out when I want to instead of when he wants to.

He's also starting to pick up some endearing habits. Up until very recently, he was just a dog. I felt no real connection to him. But I'm seeing that he does want to please and he is listening more and he has found his special spots in the RV. Yes, he can have multiple specials spots even in a 35' RV. He has started the habit of laying his head on my arm when he wants something, instead of nudging. He's hard to resist when he does that. He also now waits to take our napkin after dinner.  Lyla licks the dishes, Devin wants the napkins.  Sometimes he'll gently, stealthily take the napkin with just the very edge of his mouth & once he has it, tear it up. Ryley loved tearing up the napkins also.

FOOD/BEVERAGE: We stopped at Natchez Market, advertising fresh produce, so we assumed this was a farmer's market, but no, just a small supermarket. Since being in the RV, I haven't been having as many sweets because it's difficult to sneak snacks in this small space, unlike when at home in NJ, I had a lot more alone time.  I'm not losing any weight though.  I finally needed a cookie fix. Picked up some Coconut Pecan Cookies at Natchez Market. OH.....MY.....GOSH! YUMMY! They're like a butter cookie with coconut and pecans. They're NOT like macaroons, which are pretty much all coconut.  We'll be making a trip back there before our next stop to stock up!

Scott made another Mickey recipe, Daube. It's a beef roast slow cooked in a tomato gravy. At least Mickey's Daube is like that. Either way, it was delicious. Sort of like a very hearty & meaty spaghetti sauce. We did serve it over pasta. This is a keeper.

I've been enjoying Black Opal Cabernet Merlot wine from Australia.  It may be my new favorite, depending on price. My go to wine is usually Bogle Merlot, which is priced anywhere from $9.99 to $14.99.  I am by no means a wine expert and not even close.  I just go by what I like and I very rarely spend more than $15.00 for a bottle of wine. I tend to not like the oak residue taste from some reds and I don't like a strong aftertaste. I really can't explain what I do like, other than I like dry RED wines.
Scott enjoys sweeter wines. He's a Port wine drinker and fruity wines.

BOOKS: Currently reading Long Lost by Harlan Coben.

Finished Iron Mountain by John Hart, Narrated by Scott Sowers My rating 4 out of 5
About 2 brothers who lived in a terrible orphanage, with much violence. Their lives change when 1 is adopted and the other runs. Then story is picked up again as adults. Murder, mystery, love.
Narrator Scott Sowers did a great job.  He performs southern accents tremendously and his female voices are well done without sounding odd.
Currently listening to The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley.

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