Monday, January 30, 2012

Old South


ROSALIE MANSION Our Rating 5 out of 5 Tour Price $12. each
Built in 1820, right along the Mississippi River in Natchez, MS. This was an especially interesting historical building, because there were only 3 owners, the present Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Society being the 3rd. Because of that, the history told on the tour was very accurate instead of guess work.  The tour guide was excellent. I actually asked questions. Usually I'm very quiet.  But the tour was so fascinating, because the furniture, books, music, notes, were actually left over from the original families! They were not just antiques donated from various sources.
During the Civil War, this home was used as headquarters for the Union Army. Our Union head officer was very respectful of the property. Although he had to take over the 1st floor, he allowed the family to store their belongings in the attic and also continue to live in the home, but only on the 2nd floor.  Thanks to the respect of the Union soldiers, this family's heirlooms have been preserved for us to enjoy today.
When the present owners, DAR bought this home from the 2nd private family to own Rosalie, they allowed the 2 sisters presently living in the home to continue to live there on the second floor, until the last one died in 1958.
View of Mississippi from Rosalie Mansion

UNDER THE HILL Our Rating 1 out of 5
This is sort of equivalent to "the wrong side of the tracks". Up on the hill was where the well to do lived. Under the hill was level with the Mississippi River, so the businesses catered to the seamen who didn't stay in one place. So there were lots of bars, cheap inns, and women willing to show the men a good time.

Today, it is just a row of old buildings that are offices, and a couple of bars.

Isle of Capri Casino A floating gambling casino on an Paddle River Boat. Lots of slots, some tables, simple buffet upstairs. Not our thing.


OLD SOUTH WINERY Our Rating 2.5 out of 5 Tour & Tasting: FREE

Very small winery, with no vineyards. Grapes are bought, but that is not a bad thing.  Very casual, as in garage setting. We turned down the tour, but did try their wines. Average, nothing terrible, nothing great. We bought 4 bottles for the novelty of the labels and names representing the South.  I don't think any bottles were over $10.00.

VAT MAMA'S TAMALES Our Rating 2 out of 5
I guess I'm not crazy about Tamales. First time having them. So I'm basing my rating on the other items we had. Scott had a bowl of chili, which is rated average. The shredded cheese and diced onions on top added some needed flavor.  I ordered Nachos. I figured this was a Mexican restaurant, so the nachos shouldn't be those chips covered in cheese whiz type stuff you find at sports arenas. Unfortunately, that is what they were. Processed, melted cheese food with some added olives, peppers, etc on type. The added extras made is at least somewhat enjoyable. Would not return.

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