Sunday, January 29, 2012

Working too hard

I'm retired...I shouldn't have blisters on my hands!!
RV/CAMP: Spent the day around the campsite. Beautiful day at 70°, cool breeze, and very few fellow campers. I was able to just sit at the picnic table, listen to a book on tape, drink some wine, and do a couple of hours of counted cross stitch. Devin actually stayed quiet for the most part. He did entertain himself with some branches and leaves for a while, but still was being good.

We very rarely have campfires. Mainly my fault. I prefer to have them on cool mornings, so I can read in front of the fire.  Scott prefers them at night. I have to get my headlamp to read by the fire at night and there's usually bugs too. We gathered lots of dried wood throughout the campground.  Lots of downed trees. Stupid me with my "oh so delicate" hands :) didn't wear gloves. I came back to the site to organize the gathered wood while Scott continued his "manly" gathering of more wood.

I decided to break and/or saw the larger branches to make shorter pieces to fit into the fire pit. Then separate the wood into kindling, small branches, thick branches. Again, STILL not wearing gloves. Sure enough, I got a big blister under one of my fingers. Well, I tried to help.  Ya know, I'm just a fragile woman and can't do all that manly work. I think I've been reading/listening to too many Victorian Romance books!!! Or maybe it is visiting the plantations and seeing how the rich land owner's wives lived with the servants doing all the work.

Scott ended up making a lovely fire around 4:30pm, so we had maybe an hour of sunlight left. But the mosquitoes were out now.  I tolerated about 45 minutes and had to go in.

WILDLIFE: Scott again says he hears coyotes howling at night.

There are a lot of armadillos that Lyla is very quick to notice.  They must have a strong scent that the dogs can smell.  Since Lyla is deaf, she can't hear them rustling the leaves while they walk, but she sure knows there is one around before Devin or I notice.

We see lots of turtles in the lake. While driving along the gravel road to Longwood Plantation, we passed a small lake and there must have been a dozen turtles sunning on a fallen log.

FOOD: I've finished the Moonshine Jelly (My rating 2 out of 5) I purchased at Grapefull Sisters Winery Gift Shop in SC. This is a clear jelly, that is made with White Wine.  When I spread it on toast & peanut butter (my normal breakfast), it's fine. But to eat it plain, it does have a white wine taste. Since I don't like white wine....But if you are a white wine lover, this may be a nice jelly to try.

Scott made sauteed cabbage with adouille sausage again.  Mmmm, mmmm, good. The adouille we had this time was supermarket/packaged stuff. Yeck! It tastes like a slightly spicy bologna. Scott liked it better than I did. I guess after having Jacob's adouille, it's difficult to have any other.
Scott also made fresh green beans and marinated rib eye steaks. Very nice meal. Thank you honey.

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