Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Got your attention, didn't I?
I broke down and bought a KINDLE FIRE.  I'm sure my father is laughing as he reads this. He knows we like gadgets. I will write a review as I use it more.  I haven't been happy with my I-Touch. Just too small. I have held off buying an I-Pad, because it is too large. So the Kindle Fire is what I hope will suit what I want.
ABOVE & BEYOND ENGLISH SETTER RESCUE started out in PA/NJ area and has been expanding since it's beginning in 2004.  We have a few adopters way out West, but "free" volunteer transport to those areas is difficult because we don't have the volunteers to connect all the way to California, Washington, etc.
If anyone would like to volunteer to help transport dogs that are coming from shelters to foster homes, or coming from foster homes to adoptive homes, please contact me, via the comment section.
Instead of me explaining how transport works, I'll send you to FREEDOM TRAIN TRANSPORT SITE. The volunteer transport process is explained very well here. Even though this transport group is not associated with our rescue, she acknowledges that the volunteers help many organizations, with the single goal of transporting dogs in need of a home.
We have been in the Jasper, TX area for over 3 weeks. That first week in Jasper parked at the park right on the highway is long forgotten. We are heading to the Escapees Headquarters tomorrow to become Texans! This is just a 60 mile trip from Jasper to Livingston. We will pick up drivers licenses, voter registration, register our vehicles, change insurance, etc. Just because we are Texans on paper, does not mean we are Texans at heart. Right now, we have no allegiance to any state. That is the point of our "great escape from NJ" find a place we can call home.

Sandy Creek COE Park has been a lovely place to stay. We are very comfortable in this park and in Jasper, TX. I could see this being a winter snowbird home, if the park would allow that length of stay.


TemptationTemptation by Nora Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Romance: Very light enjoyable reading. Rich  20 something loses family money through no fault of her own. Needs to learn to run her own life instead of just following what is expected. Cat & mouse romance with mostly very like able characters. Quick read and was a great afternoon with tea/coffee cuddled in an afghan read.

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Deadly MasqueradeDeadly Masquerade by Richard Pienciak
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

True Crime/Murder: TERRIBLE book! The author tells how the murder happened in the beginning.  Then proceeds to backtrack to years & years prior in GREAT DETAIL. All the details of many arguments. We do not need to know so much detail. One or two examples and we get the egotist the murderer is. And we get the trap the wife refuses to try to get out of. Typical abused wife syndrome. Then he proceeds to RETELL the details of the night of the murder.
I kept skimming over pages to get through the arguments of he said, she said. BORING!!!!
At 480 pages of small print, it was not worth my time.

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Ruthless (The House of Rohan, #1)Ruthless by Anne Stuart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fiction-Victorian Romance/Adventure: Oooooh, you've seen the talk shows on TV. We are attracted to the "bad boys". That's the theme in this book. Viscount Rohan lives a hedonistic lifestyle. To outsiders he's the "King of Hell" & "drinks the blood of virgins".
I could never fall for...oh, but when he talks in that silky, smooth way... No, I couldn't, but um, that look, the gentle touch....Ok, I've fallen for the bad guy. Is he really so bad?
Great character development, in which you really care for the down & out sisters who want the best for each other and are each willing to sacrifice for their sister. And as for Lord Rohan, you are anticipating that he'll not be so bad after all.
Very erotic, but not raunchy.
I'll be starting Reckless (Bk 2 of series) today.

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