Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tissue Alert

We have left our favorite park so far, on 3/1/12 (Sandy Creek COE). Arrived at the Escapees Rainbow Park in Livingston, TX.  I will speak more of that in a later post.

Our camp hosts and new friends from Sandy Creek are dog lovers like us.  As we said our goodbyes and gave hugs, they left us with a sweet, heart wrenching poem for dealing with your pet's end of life decision. I've seen many different poems on this subject, but this one is new to me and did bring tears, remembering our past pets that we've had to make the decision to let go. I love you still, Jessie, Ben, Pastina, Chance, Sophie, Pillsbury, & Ryley.

I will be adding this to my Pets Blog, on the PAST PETS page.

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