Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snug as a bug

It's been stormy the last two days. Heavy rains, some lightning, etc. The weather spoiled our plans of going to see another plantation & running errands.

NJ: Speaking of errands, we were supposed to go to the Post Office on Sat. to send the title for Scott's Yamaha Venture motorcycle to NJ. We've sold it. No more paying storage fees.
But with the heavy rain, we decided to just stay snug as a bug in a rug, inside our RV. The Post Office will have to wait until Monday.
RV: We got a knock on our door yesterday afternoon.  It was the park ranger letting us know that their is an electrical problem with the pump that regulates the park water pressure. May not be fixed for a week! Scott had noticed the drop in pressure when taking a shower last night. We were offered a site at the other loop of the campground, a refund, or the option to stay put and just fill up our tanks. Scott was napping at the time, so I didn't want to wake him to make the decision quite yet. Really no big deal for us.  We had water in our fresh tank to last a few days, or since we don't have reservations for our next stop, we could just move early. What a great life, freedom to just move when needed.  Before Scott even woke from his nap, the ranger was back saying they will have it worked on in the a.m.  Sure enough, by 9a.m. the next morning, the pressure was great again.

With Scott being the cook in the family, I tend to let him get what appliances he wants. While purging our home, that was difficult to purge pots, pan, grills, etc. But if is amazing, our much excess you have that are just used occasionally.

We had a small Foreman Grill which I liked, except for cleaning. Scott bought a "better" Foreman Grill which I hate. It is large, & bulky. The only improvement was the heat plates come off for easy cleaning. So we pack this grill in the RV. It takes up a whole cabinet space, so I resent that. To take it down to use is awkward, so I resent that.  Scott decides maybe an electric griddle might be more user friendly.

Scott also uses a toaster oven quite often, even when we lived in a house. We have a nice Black & Decker toaster oven that can fit a pizza in to cook.  Very nice oven, but again bulky and has only one use.

Off to Walmart we go.  We pick up a RIVAL ELECTRIC GRIDDLE & a OSTER CONVECTION TOASTER OVEN. Scott has used both a couple of times, and so far he is very happy with them.
But now, what do we do with the Foreman Grill & the old toaster oven?? Scott had the great idea of offering them to the park ranger for their lunch room. Even though we are both retired, we well remember how important having those conveniences in our lunch rooms were. The park ranger happily took them off our hands. Two new items in, two old items out.

Now to the present time: It's been raining for two days. We don't mind much. It gives us an excuse to sit around and be lazy. Wait...we're retired! We don't need an excuse! I have to be living in a dream. This life is too good to be true! Scott stayed in the bedroom most of the day, watching TV.  He does miss having a couch, so the bed is his couch. Doesn't bother me because I get the rest of the RV to myself. While watching TV, Scott is also reading the 2nd part of the Hunger Games, "Catching Fire", on his kindle. I spent the day scanning more craft books into the computer, finding more knitting & crocheting projects to do. I also worked on A&B ES RESCUE applications & home visits, which is part of my daily routine. Also sat in my comfy chair and read. In between all this activity, I did have to don my crocs, raincoat, & umbrella to take the dogs out for walks. The weather was very very rainy, with lots of puddles, but at least it wasn't cold & windy also.

DOGS: This is the 3rd or 4th day, that Devin is moving forward to the kind of dog we want. He's still not a cuddler, but will come over for a good massage...who wouldn't? Just think of how often dogs & cats get massages from their humans. If only Scott would massage my skull & back 1/2 as much....sigh. Lucky dogs! We're still half-heartedly working on  recall. But the step forward I'm talking about, it that he is not constantly wanting to go out or pacing the RV, or bothering Lyla.  I'm sure part of it is because all our blinds are down, but for the most part, he has found my comfy chair & the bed as his place to relax.  Makes for a much nicer, quieter day. This change in his behavior came right in the nick of time, since it's been raining for two days. The less we all have to go out the better.



Side by SideSide by Side by John Ramsey Miller
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Suspense/Mystery. Mother & child kidnapped. Story of their rescue & what was behind it.
I may be able to rate this a "4", but I gave it a lower rating, because I didn't look forward to reading it.  It held my interest, enough to keep reading, but wasn't a book that I wanted to sit for a couple of hours & read. The final 50 pages, were exciting and that's when I didn't want to put the book down.

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