Wednesday, February 8, 2012

JASPER, TX 75951

Woo Hoo! TX! Let's see if TX is a impressive, as we've been led it to be all these years.

I've added a link to Scott's facebook page HERE and also on the left sidebar. He's been adding his view of our RV travels there.  When I went to facebook to find the link, I realized, I'm not even friends with Scott on facebook!  I had to send a friend request! (He accepted me as his friend)

Feb. 7 - Feb. 13, 2012 (left 1 day early)
$18./day (weekly rate)
Our rating 1.5 out of 5. Would not come back.
Scott picked this one out.  We've been mainly staying at State Parks, so I was surprised he chose a private park. It was the sewer hookup and only $25. a night that got him.  We could pay almost the same at a State Park/Nat'l Forest, but have no sewer. WHAT A MISTAKE!!!! It's not Scott's fault (I keep trying to assure him of that). I agreed to try it also.
The sites are actually pretty level, consisting of gravel with grass in between.  ALL are pull-through (the other feature that tempted Scott to forsake a state park!). BUT, we are right next to State Hwy. 63. I mean literally right next to this major highway with trucks flying by at 70 mph.  No sound barrier at all.  No view, well, of course there is a view, just not a nice view!
There are pvc picnic tables at some sites. Other sites have wooden conversion seat/picnic tables. They convert from a bench with a back, then flip the back over and it turns into 1/2 a picnic table. Put two together and makes a full picnic table.  Kinda nice.

+Nice horse/dog trails behind campground
-Right on busy highway with truck noise all day (This is why rated so low.)
+Nice clean laundy
+Clean bathrooms
+Free wi-fi: good
+Dog Friendly
+All pull thrus
+Full hook up
Internet: Verizon good, Sprint no reception
Cell Phone: Verizon good, AT&T no reception

We were wondering where we were going to go to take the dogs for exercise. A little walk around the 24 site park is fine for potty, but not enough to keep 1yr old Devin satisfied. Even the little stream is almost stagnant. There's a 20 foot long piece of plastic sheeting hanging over a log and laying in the stream. Not a pretty site. The one saving grace for this place is that behind this RV park is an equine camp. If you want to tent camp, then that may be a nice park. There are about 15 grassy/dried leaves sites with water & electric and each site has a little horse corral to keep your horse safe overnight. So what do you do when you camp with horses? Rides the local trails of course. That is the hidden "easter egg" for Double Heart RV & Equine Park.
They have nice trails for the horses, or for our dogs.  We haven't met a horse on the trail yet, but have seen some horse piles. The trails in the woods BEHIND the campground are actually quite nice. You should avoid going to the right, where there are two dogs chained outside. Sad, but they look like they are in a healthy condition anyway.

Scott will have a chance to visit the town of Jasper today.  About 20 miles from our destination, the engine light came up.  Scott was freaking. He didn't know if he should pull over immediately or try to push it the 20 miles. You have a different way of thinking when you are pulling a 35' RV. The truck sounded & felt like it was running ok, the dials didn't show any problems. We made it to Double Heart and after set up, Scott called the Ford dealer in Jasper. So here's hoping they don't rip us off too badly.  Scott is the worrier. My attitude, is what can we do? It has to be looked at and we just have to do as they suggest because we are pulling a 35' RV & traveling. I hope for the best, but prepare for a high bill.


Finished a bottle of DUPLIN Carolina BURGUNDY, a dry muscadine wine. I believe I bought this at a wine shop in Florida.  Under $10.00. It is described as full bodied. I don't think so.  I have a difficult time even considering this wine a DRY red.  It is on the sweet side, like a Zinfandel would be. I drink my red wine at room temperature, but this would probably be better slightly chilled. This would probably be a decent wine to give as a gift to someone who you don't know their taste. It is neither very dry, nor very sweet. I would not purchase again. This is purely according to MY TASTE.

I need to amend my current reading. I can't start "Chesapeake Blue" by Nora Roberts. I found out this is the LAST book in a 4 book series. I'll have to see if I can get the other 3 cheaply.

Currently reading:  "GreyGallows" by Barbara Michaels. Yep, another girly 1800's romance.
I write on the inside cover page when I read the book, where I read the book and my blog address.  Then I leave the book at the campground either in the laundry room or ladies bathroom. I noticed this book had a location & date already. April 1993, Wenatchee, WA. I just find that interesting.

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