Friday, February 10, 2012

Westward we go

Both Scott & I haven't realized how far from NJ we are. Since we've been traveling just 100-300 miles a day, we have slowly gone further & further West, but it hasn't felt like it's that far until we realize want a trek it would be if we had to return to NJ for some reason. Ugh!  I really have no desire to return.  I suppose partly because I'm so familiar with NJ, & didn't like it, that I have the image in my mind so fresh.

I was talking to the worker in the park office today about traveling. She was telling me of places in the West to visit.  I asked if she'd ever been to New England. She sighed and said she always wanted to go to Bar Harbor, Maine. She imagined a cool fishing village. To us NJ'ians, New England was where we went often for vacation. Odd to hear someone wistfully imagine visiting there. Like it is some far off State. But in reality, it is from here in TX. It's like us thinking of Oregon as a far off State. I'm rambling...
Scott brought our Ford F350 to Jasper Ford Lincoln dealer. $1381.07 later he walked out with a fixed truck.
Had to have the FICM replaced (Fuel Injection Controller Module). Also, had some other injectors flushed. The engine light had been on and it had been starting very rough. After service the truck is starting better & running quieter.

I've definitely had enough of this rv park. The manager is nice enough, but this is not a place to relax outside and enjoy the scenery,unless you enjoy watching trucks & cars pass by.

Today, we spent the day looking at other local parks. They are all only about 10-15 miles from where we are now.  Instead of looking out the busy highway, we'll be looking out onto the busy with wildlife B.A. Steinhagen Lake.
We checked out MARTIN DIES, JR. STATE PARK. We can't really rate it never having stayed in the park, but from the quick drive through, it was really nice. W&E, no sewer. The staff were very nice & helpful. There are variety of sites, mostly all surrounds by trees. Some more private than others.  Lakeside sites available.  I would have no problem staying in this park.
We then went to SANDY CREEK US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS PARK. This also has lakeside sites, some pull thrus. W & E, no sewer.  We met the camp hosts at the office and they were super friendly, but not in a pushy way.
Our third stop was and MAGNOLIA RIDGE COE PARK.  This is a nice park also. The sites are more spread apart, with lakeside sites, but the lake on this side is more like swamp with cypress trees rising from the water. We went on a dreary day and it just reminded me of a very spooky place. At the end of the park are a couple of sites large enough for big rigs also, that are pretty secluded. We would also stay here. 
We had to choose among the 3, so we chose Sandy Creek. 

A couple of days ago my computer was out of commission. Thank you very much Devil, oops, I mean Devin! Devin being an Irish Setter, makes him active and always looking for birds, cats, whatever. Devin being only 1 yr old, makes him even more active.
We tend to have to keep the shades down in the RV because Devin will go from window to window to see what's moving outside. I usually leave the small window shade by my computer up. BIG MISTAKE. Both Lyla & Devin have learned to either use the chair or the table to put their feet on to look outside. The problem is, if they use the chair, many times their feet slip and they step on the CPU for balance. Many times they step right on the on/off switch and they shut down the computer improperly. Or they will put their feet on the table (when we take the chair away). My keyboard keeps getting in their way. So they just put their paws on the keyboard and my computer goes all wacky because of who knows what keys they pressed. One time, I had screen icons so large only 2 or 3 would fit on the screen!
After Devin had his fill of looking outside, using my CPU & keyboard as a ledge, my computer would not get out of "repair" mode. Scott thinks he may have stepped on the off switch while also stepping on the keyboard. Ugh!
I NEED my computer for my rescue work.
So while Scott spent a day trying to fix it, I used my laptop. It was kind of nice sitting in the easy chair with my legs up and my laptop in my...LAP! What a concept! I was able to do most of my rescue work on my laptop because I could access the files on my regular computer via DROPBOX.  That program has been a lifesaver for me many times.  In the past while vacationing, I was able to access files on my home computer, on my laptop. It enables me to access my files from any computer.  I think it is called "cloud" technology. Check Dropbox out. I'm very happy with it.  
Scott was able to get my computer up & working again. Thank you sweetie!

We ordered "take out" from the Hamburger Depot (no website), which had good reviews from Urban Spoon. My rating 3.5 out of 5, (onion rings 4.5 out of 5).  
Hamburger Depot on Urbanspoon
We both ordered the small cheeseburgers (large is 1/2 pound!). Scott had onion rings & fries. I had sweet potato fries.  The burgers were good, not great. They seemed to be hand made but were somewhat dry. They remind me of a BK Whopper, but with a thicker burger. Toppings were onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles. I really like the fact that they toast the bun. The onion rings were excellent. The fries just average to slightly below average. I would return for the onion rings and since I'm there, go ahead and order a burger.

Currently drinking La Vendemmia Cabernet Veneto. This is an 2009 Italian red wine. 

After drinking the Duplin wine which was a little sweet for me, I had to get used to the dryness of this red. At first I was put off by the oakiness? I think that is the taste I get. But now my 2nd day into the bottle, I'm really enjoying this. Another under $10. purchase. I would buy again.

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