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Livingston, TX 77351


Howdy is Texan talk for "How do you do?", or "How ya doin?" in Jersey. Today we are no longer New Jerseyans. We are now Texans.  We have our vehicles TX registered, our TX insurance, our TX driver's licenses, and we are also registered to vote in TX.

Surprising, that our RV full timer insurance almost TRIPLED in TX. I thought things would be less expensive. Our truck insurance is a little less expensive than NJ. The reason for the difference in the RV cost is how many people are living in RV's in NJ? I believe it is illegal in most places in NJ.  In TX there are many spots to park your RV & live.  There's more chance for toranado's, etc for the RV in TX, than in NJ. So it makes sense.

We had only planned on staying at Rainbow's End until Monday, 3/12. But Scott had to order bicycle parts and he wants to wait for them to arrive so we don't have to pay more postage to reship his handlebars and shifters. Why does he need these items, when he just bought his bicycle new in November 2011??

This photo does not do the damage justice. I forgot to take a picture BEFORE Scott straightened out the handlebars and replaced the handle cushions.
While driving along at 65 mph on our way to Livingston, TX, a car pulled along side of us honking the horn and pointing to our RV. "OH CRAP", what could have happened? We pulled over, Scott got out and was taking too long, so I got out to make sure he wasn't run over by the speeding highway traffic. You've seen those videos on TV, where the cop gets clipped by a passing car, while handing out a ticket.
Scott is safe, but his bike isn't.  The bike rack on the back of the RV came loose and all that was holding his bike was a bungee cord.  Who knows how long his handlebars were dragging on the highway. His handlebars were bent, his handle cushions shredded, his gear shifter broken to pieces and his handlebar stem was ground down as shown in the photo above.  Scott actually burnt his hands on the metal when picking the bike up. A couple of blisters would soon follow.

Our Alaska trip in July/August has been cancelled. We started with 13 rigs, then ended up with about 5 or 6 with no one with enough experience, or wanting to be the leader.
We are considering signing up with ADVENTURE CARAVANS, which are an Escapee approved business. The cost is quite high, but they've been leading these trips for many years and we would feel quite safe with them. Now that we don't have NJ property taxes to pay, gas heat, equity loan, sewer, cable, electric, etc. We should be able to splurge on this trip.

So now we have an extra 2 months in the summer to travel around the Northern section of the US.  We have made a commitment to volunteer in exchange for a free site at FOUR PAWS KINGDOM in NC from Sept. 1 thru Dec. 1. We love this RV park and we love the owners. If you love to take your dog on vacation and you have vacation time Sept - Thanksgiving, book an RV site, an RV, or cabin at Four Paws Kingdom. Of course you can book anytime during the season (April - Nov.), but we'd love to meet up with you while we're there.  Check out their EVENTS, which include Agility camp, pot luck dinners, chili cook off, cooking classes taught by the resident Chef (a trained Chef), Octoberfest (the owners are from Germany). There are about seven dog parks here. Even if your dog is a loner, there is a dog park for him too.
If you don't have an RV, they have different style RV's at the park you can rent on site. There are also a few cabins to rent on site.
If you come to Four Paws Kingdom, mention NJ Scott & Debbie sent you. No, you won't get a discount, but I'm just curious how many people book because of my blog recommendation.


Reckless (The House of Rohan, #2)Reckless by Anne Stuart
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Victorian Erotic Romance:

1st in series: "Ruthless"

2nd in series: "Reckless"

After finishing the 1st book, "Ruthless" of this series, I was really looking forward to "Reckless". I immediately started "Reckless" without any break to another genre. How disappointing.

I thought this would be a continuation of where the 1st book left off. It is a continuation, but of the children of the characters of the 1st book. So much more could have been continued with the 1st book's characters.

The fist book made innuendos or had banter back & forth about sex, but not directly saying the obvious. A fun read that let your imagination be a part of the book.

"Reckless" was just crude. Not much left to the imagination. Seems it's all about popping a virgin, and not in a nice way.

Adrian, the main male character was not likable. And Charlotte, the main female character, well I just wanted to slap her silly for getting in the position she was in and then not being able to make up her mind.

If the 3rd book in the series "Breathless", follows this down hill course, I will not be finishing this 5 book series.

Erotica is more than silly women's romance novels (which I enjoy). Erotica is very sensual (which I enjoy also)as in the 1st book "Ruthless". But when you get to the point of crude words, disrespect, etc. Then this is just porn, although soft, I admit, but not what I want in a Victorian Romance.

I highly recommend "Ruthless", but skip "Reckless" unless you want to read about a virgin's path to being screwed.

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