Thursday, April 26, 2012

CRAFT WEEK (Day 4): Seasons

This blog post is part of the 3rd
Do I knit and crochet projects according to the season? Hmmmm. I don't really think so. 
During the summer, I may not crochet a big heavy afghan, but I would knit a worsted weight sweater such as the COMFY CARDI, I am currently knitting now as seen on my WIP's RAVELRY page. It has been in the 90's the past two days here in Colorado. I knit this cardigan project no matter what the temp.

I will knit/crochet a quick project no matter what the season for special occasions such as... 
Baby Shower:
Made in November

Made in May

Made in January
And quick holiday knits:
Made in December

My sweet sweet Pillsbury who we lost to a stomach tumor in Feb of 2011.

I am a definite project knitter. 
Here is how PEACEFUL KNITTER BLOGGER describes the difference between a process knitter and a project knitter...

  "This is a classic question among knitters: are you a process knitter or a project knitter?
A process knitter is someone who chooses to knit something based on what they might pick up along the way. A new stitch pattern or technique, let’s say. It’s like a puzzle to be solved, and as you work your way through the challenge, it gets easier, you gain confidence, and when you finish you feel quite satisfied with your accomplishment.
A project knitter is a person that sees a finished object and knows that they want to knit it so they can wear it or give it away. They will figure it out if they don’t know how to do something, but the joy is in reaching the finish line and admiring the finished piece.
I’d like to note that both knitters probably equally enjoy the process of selecting patterns, choosing the yarn, and casting on."

I do not like to start a project until I have finished one.  I just pick out the next "kit", I have made up from my stash/kit bin, no matter what the season or temperature.

I think making a kit is a great idea.  Go through your stash by weight. Then search Ravelry by yarn weight, then thin out the search by how much yardage you have. Pick out a pattern you like, print it and put the pattern in a ziplock with the corresponding yarn.
Instead of your stash just looking like a yarn store, your stash is now projects to look forward to!

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