Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CRAFT WEEK (Day 3): Hero

This blog post is part of the 3rd

Today's craft week blog challenge is to write about people in the fiber industry who have inspired me.

1. My Nana: She taught me the basics of knitting. Nana used to knit me all kinds of Barbie doll clothes, which I loved. Now that I'm an adult and "real" knitter, I can appreciate the time she spent knitting those girlie outfits for my Barbie. I'm not sure I would take the time to knit those little outfits for my grandchild. (Not having children and therefore, no grand kids, it's hard for me to say)

2. Barbara R.: Barb is a woman I met, at the Toms River (NJ) knitters meeting, held monthly (2nd Tues @ 7pm) at the American Bread Factory in Brick NJ. I hadn't knit in years and then it was simple items from the knit & purl stitches my Nana taught me.
So what do we decide to knit as a long project "knit-a-long"? The GREAT AMERICAN ARAN AFGHAN. What did I get myself into???? Thanks to Barbara's patience and inviting me to her home. she was able to show me the cable stitch which is essential in any Aran pattern.
Ravelry has a forum for the GAAA. I started my GAAA along with Barbara & Diane, in January of 2008. We were hoping to do one square per month. There are 24 squares. Well, it's 2012 and I have about 12 or 13 squares completed. Here's a link to my GAAA RAVELRY PROJECT PAGE
Here's just a couple of samples of my work. There are definitely mistakes, but I'm still proud of myself.

3. Teri L.: I met Teri at a different knitting group that met at Border's in Eatontown, NJ. 95% of what Teri knits is lace and I mean real lace on itty bitty skinny #2, #1 knitting needles with lace weight yarn. Teri also designs many lace patterns. We very rarely see her look at a chart or pattern. Amazing. But even though she is so proficient in lace knitting, she is not snobby about it. She is very willing to encourage you to give it a try and will then will help you out if needed. She is listed as a DESIGNER ON RAVELRY. Check her designs out!

4: Shirley W.: Shirley is from the same Eatontown, NJ knitting group as Terri. Shirley is like a machine at knitting. Oh wait, I mean she likes to use a knitting machine.
Shirley is a fast hand knitter and almost always has a new project for "show & tell" each week. But she is my inspiration because of her stick to itness in widening the world of machine knitters. She has sought out machines knitters through out the US! She has greatly helped expand a local machine knitting Meet Up, now called RAPID ROWS. This group meets once a month. There are different techniques taught, with instruction sheets. Show & tell, socializing, etc. Great source of machine knitting knowledge in this group, in NJ.
Because of Shirley's persistence and patience in cleaning up my machine and teaching me how to use it, I was able to complete this afghan on the machine. My one and only project. Someday, I'll work on the machine again.


5. Lily Chin: Lily Chin is well known in the knit & crochet world. She is a designer, teacher, author.
I am inspired because she is proficient in BOTH knitting & crocheting and she designs for both crafts equally. What I truly love about Lily is her way of teaching. She is full of short cuts, and helpful tips to make knitting & crocheting easier. I love her books,  CROCHET TIPS & KNITTING TIPS.  They are now available for the KINDLE also! She gives many practical tips and after reading, you may say, "Of course, why didn't I think of that!" Because you're not Lily Chin.
Here is an interview with Lily on CROCHET INSIDER. Also, here is a Google search for PODCAST INTERVIEWS with Lily.

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