Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Lyla with the Easter Bunny (me). I inherited this bunny outfit from an old boyfriend. In 2007, I dressed as the Easter Bunny to raise money for our ENGLISH SETTER RESCUE. This was held at the PET VALUE in Gilbertsville, PA. We had a nice turn out. I held lots of little dogs, a couple very young human babies, guinea pigs and even a snake. The little boy that owned the snake was THRILLED that the Easter Bunny wasn't afraid of a snake.

Above is a photo of Poppy. She's my brother's rescue American Eskimo dog.

Animal rescue work has grown so much because of the internet. Most of my rescue work is record keeping and communicating via email. I do not like to talk on the phone. A few years back, I volunteered on a yahoo group for NJ/PA area and stated, I could help transport, pull, check out needy animals if they needed help in my area. Within 1 hour I got an email from ESKIE RESCUERS UNITED.  They needed to have an Eskie picked up from a home giving her up after adopting her only 3 weeks prior. So I picked up Poppy & was told they were giving her up because she wouldn't play with their other dog. (Yea, right). Ended up we fostered her for a couple of weeks, then drove her to PA to be fostered. Had a great time meeting, Gina with Eskie rescue. I knew nothing about AMERICAN ESKIMO DOGS. We ended up finding out, Poppy is not the norm.  She gets along very well with most dogs and is well behaved. She is fine around children she knows. It was heartbreaking to leave her in PA. She is a sweet dog. But we are setter & large dog people.
A week later, we got a call from Gina asking if we could foster Poppy again because they were getting in 21 Eskies that needed to be taken into rescue. Sure we could. We couldn't give her up again though. 
My brother dog sat for Poppy for a week and we asked if he wanted to keep her.  He said yes. The rest is a beautiful love affair. 
...and by the way...Poppy loves to play.

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