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MESA VERDE RV PARK, Wofforth, TX 79382

Wolfforth, TX 79382
Mesa Verde RV Park in Wolfforth, TX is a nice RV park, although not for us. We like to be away from busy streets.
We are here for a week.  Devin LOVES this park! The owners of the park live at the park. One of the enclosed dog parks is right next to their home. They have a wonderful Labradoodle, named Weaser, who loves to greet and play with guest dogs. 
The park owners are very nice. The park is clean and surrounded by a 6' privacy fence, so it does help give us a sense of being away from the businesses & traffic near by.
If you're in the Lubbock, TX area, I would recommend this RV Park. This is not so much a park for vacationers, but more for long stays or passing through.
View from my computer desk/rv door

View from rear picture window
Lubbock, TX is home to TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY, so there are lots of little eateries nearby to choose from.

 While staying in Livingston, TX, it didn't feel much different from NJ, except for the local flaura. I do miss NJ's lush lawns. 
While traveling  I-20 (I think) towards Lubbock, TX, we passed through Sweetwater, TX, which is the wind energy capital. We are definitely beginning to see a whole "other world" now as we head west. 
Windmills for miles...
I guess this is what a MESA is...
We are staying right outside the town of Lubbock, TX. Lubbock is well developed with lots of shopping & restaurants.  It is an odd (for us) landscape. No tall buildings, no tall trees. Miles of flat land.  Not my kind of  place. We will not be settling in TX.

I was told we are in Tornado season around here. We've had some threats of storms and hail from dime sized to baseball sized. So far, we've just had some rain and one night of lightning all night long. We have quite a few windy days, which makes the higher temperatures bearable.  Also, the humidity has been between 25-35, which Scott said he's never seen. I am not a hot weather person. The temps go up & down here a lot. Hot days, cool days and same with the nights.

It's been so windy here at times...while food shopping and errand running, my "to do" list blew out of the side of my pocketbook.  I am a list maker, so this was devastating for me. My grocery list, my errand list, my list of things to look up on the internet, my list of topics to cover in the blog. I'll survive.

It's been so windy here at times...that by the time I come back into the RV, I need to untangle my hair from the wind blowing it all which ways. It reminds me of what my hair was like after a day of motorcycle riding.

I am hoping to slowly be able to handle the RV life on my own, if the need ever arises. (I hope not). So while on my outing to do errands, I saw that we were extremely low on diesel for the truck. My first thought is to just let Scott fill it up next time we're out, but I was a little nervous that maybe that was pushing it. I later found out, Scott has a 5 gal. container of diesel just in case.
Anyway, I nixed out Shell because it was on the other side of the road and I couldn't quickly see where the diesel pumps were. I had to go to Walmart and their gas station had diesel. So on my way in to the parking lot, I scan the gas station and check out where the diesel pumps are. Ah ha! There they are, right in plain site. Hmmmm, which side of the truck is the gas tank opening. So off I go into Walmart, got the minimum of staples (eggs & milk). I forgot it was the day before Easter and it was a madhouse in there. I hate crowds, so I had to get out of there FAST! Ok, calm down Deb, checkout was painless and now back at the truck to try to fill the tank. Remember, we're from NJ. Jersey girls don't pump gas! So after this huge story buildup, I pumped the diesel without incident. Why was I so nervous?  Hopefully, I'll have the same experience when I try to tow the 5th wheel....someday.

The Mesa Verde RV Park resident Labradoodle, Weaser is about the same age and size as our Irish Setter, Devin. They have been having a blast playing together.

Sheridan's Lattes & Frozen Custard on Urbanspoon
Confusing menu  My rating 4 out of 5. Would have received a 5 out of 5, but I can't understand the menu.
My weakness is ice cream and anything similar (frozen custard). I stopped here because of all the great reviews.
Upon looking through the window into the working area, there are all kinds of visual goodies. Lots of toppings, syrups, etc displayed. Like a playground for custard lovers.
But...the "menu" is on a huge board and although it is eye catching, it is VERY CONFUSING! All I wanted to do was try a cone of custard. Since I couldn't find anywhere a list of custard flavors anywhere on the menu, I assumed they would have at least chocolate & vanilla. I opted for a double dip chocolate in a waffle cone. They claim they make them.
CHOCOLATE CUSTARD: Delicious. Smooth, creamy, light chocolate taste. I prefer a richer chocolate taste. Since I don't know much about custard, I don't know if the lighter chocolate is a characteristic of custard or the preference of Sheridan's.
WAFFLE CONE: Delicious. I could eat the cone as a yummy snack with a cup of tea or coffee. Just a touch of cinnamon in the life but sturdy waffle.
I would return again for their delicious product, but I WON'T be returning because I can't figure out their menu.

APPLES: Who knows what might interest blog readers. I try to think if I'd be interested in what I right. So here's a little info on apples.  My preference is towards the tart and crisp apples. I don't like soft & sweet apples, such as McIntosh. I usually will go for the yellow/green Granny Smith apples as a first choice. The Red Delicious as a second choice. Most groceries now have a wide variety of apples, so you may be wary to try some of the unfamiliar varieties. My new favorite are the Gala apples. They are just slightly sweet and crisp. Try one out next time you're shopping.

Tomatoes: I picked up some beautiful Roma tomatoes at the local Ace Hardware/Lowe's grocery store. It seems that they are trying to ape Walmart Super Ctrs. with having a general store attached to a grocery store. 
Being from NJ, I should have had access to beautiful "Jersey Tomatoes"...not! 10 yrs ago, I looked forward to the end of summer to be able to purchase those beautiful huge bright red Jersey tomatoes. Ya know, tomatoes are a fruit and not a vegetable. And I would eat those juicy sweet bits of heaven like a fruit. Mmmmmm. 

But in recent years the tomatoes seem to be hothouse or just gross looking. 

 I was thrilled at the rich red color of these Roma Tomatoes and I was not disappointed.  I made a tomato, cucumber and onion salad with them.

1 large or 2 small tomatoes, cubed
1/2 cucumber, cubed
1 thick slice sweet onion, chopped
1/2 tsp. italian seasoning
salt & pepper to taste
Splash of olive oil
1-2 TBSP. balsamic vinegar
Single service, light and refreshing.

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