Friday, April 6, 2012


Weatherford, TX 76088
This is just an overnight stop. We stayed so long at Escapees (a week turned into a month) in Livingston, TX, that we are trying to make up some time & distance.  So a couple of short stops and longer distances to come.
Westwood RV Park is a little "Mom & Pop" park. Seems fairly quiet in a nice neighborhood. No bathrooms or laundry. This is a place for definitely self-contained rv'rs. No views. Right next to a quarry, so you do get a lot of truck noise, but still not bad. Well kept, with fairly level gravel sites and paved roads. Free WiFi that was fast. Owner was very nice and easy going.  We would return if need be, but would not seek this park out as a place to settle.
 / Sites close together, but well kept. Fairly level gravel.
+ Full hook ups
+ WiFi Free and FAST
- No Laundry
/ No bathrooms
+ Pets welcome
+ Verizon internet worked well

/ Small park with quite a few long time residents.

We did meet a nice couple next to us. When we arrived, we checked out the rigs on either side of us. We noticed a skinny tether for a dog, but at the end of the tether was a LARGE collar. We figured there must be a large, well behaved dog next door. If the dog was not well behaved, they would have a stronger tether line.
Sure enough, ends up there's a VERY SWEET Doberman next door.  Did I say VERY SWEET? 8 yrs old and still wants to play even though he has a weak back end. Devin & damn, I forgot his name played well together. Wish there was a dog park near. Poor "what's his name" did end up with his back end collapsing after a while, but he didn't seem in pain. He was still happy.
The couple that owned the Doberman were really nice and I'm sure we would have had a nice time being neighbors if we'd stayed longer. They are the first couple that we know of that saw our "new" vinyl sign on the back window, with our blog listed. Sure enough, they checked us out. Those nosy neighbors! :) So if those nosy ex neighbors are reading this post, please either email or enter in the comments your wonderful Doberman's name, so I can fill it in.

...which brings me to step up on my soap box...This large Doberman didn't have a mean bone in his body. Did I say how sweet he is? It's a shame that insurance companies have to ban breeds because of media hype. Don't blame the campgrounds & RV parks. They have to ban because of their insurance carriers. Why can't insurance companies put a clause in to allow the banned breeds if they have passed the CANINE GOOD CITIZEN test & have the certificate to prove it. 
It is absolutely ridiculous to ban a whole breed. It needs to be a case by case. The Canine Good Citizen test is legitimate proof of the character of the INDIVIDUAL DOG no matter the breed.
I'm scared to death of Akita's. I've only met two and both were unpredictable. The only dog that bit me was an American Cocker Spaniel.  Any dog can be a biter. It's not the breed, it the way the dog was brought up, trained, treated, etc.
Magnet on our truck
On our way out of this RV park, we saw this jet stream. Wonder why it was in such a tight circle? Or could this possibly be a cloud formation?

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  1. I went to see dog grooming in Long Island last week and the highlight was an owner got bitten by a dog of another participant. Its not a hard bite though but the dog suddenly went crazy over him. I think I have to agree that any dog can be a biter if not well trained to be behave around other people.


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