Friday, April 13, 2012


Santa Fe, NM 87508
Nice park. Wish I wasn't so cheap though. They have cheaper sites and more expensive. The cheaper sites are just dirt and crushed stone.  Very dusty. The better sites have cement patios, which prevents so much dirt from being dragged into the RV.
Some sites are short and tight, while others are more spacious.
The park is in an elevated section of Santa Fe, so the view is beautiful! In the evening, it's like looking down into a valley with all the town lights twinkling and the shadow of mountain peaks (some snowcapped) in the background.
View from computer window
Mountains! Yea! Still no shade trees or soft grass, but I'm totally enjoying the view of the mountains.
View from back picture window
Clean restrooms.
Quite a few machines in the laundry, though the room is small for all the machines.
Staff is nice and very dog friendly.
By the office is a sitting area to read with a small library. There is a computer station for use of fast internet. 
Free wi-fi, but slow.
Crushed stone walkway around park for the dogs. Very dog friendly. Unusual that this particular park DOES allow dogs off leash through out the RV park as long as they are friendly and under voice control.

Just started building a dog park.  Nice size. Devin is having a blast running and expelling all that setter energy. Right now it's dirt and VERY DUSTY. I've been swallowing dust a lot.  It looks like they have plans of building a stone patio with table and sun protection.  Doggie bags provided at the dog park & through out the walking trail.
 Very cool &  unique iron dog paw gate that I'm sure is made by a local artist.
Making friends already.

How neat is this gate latch!? I think I've fallen in love with this type of art. I guess it's iron works?

On either side of the dog park or many solar panels that supply the power for the park. Anything not used is sold to the local utility company.
Amazing how happy I am again. So glad to be away from Lubbock, TX. This RV park was recommended by a fellow RV'r we met at an overnight stop.  I must admit, I did not want to come here.  From the photos on their website, it just looked like more dry, dusty, barren, flat, boring scenery. Not! Although I would not choose to live in this terrain, it is much prettier because of the mountains in the background. I'm quite happy with our view.
We left Lubbock, TX in between bad weather.  Threats of rain, lightning, tornadoes, hail etc. The day we left, we found out that there was a small FUNNEL inside our campground the night before. One of the long term residents has a mini weather station and was keeping track of the weather near us.

Here in Santa Fe we have warnings of rain and high winds (60 mph) this weekend. Scott has put in all the items around the site and also tied down the slide out covers. We were warned that the winds could get so high and flap those covers and rip them off.  It was even suggested that we may have to bring in our slides during the wind storm. That would not be pleasant. I guess we would spend that time in our king sized bed with the dogs and watch tv & read.


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  1. The views look beautiful! I don' t think I would like the dogs being off leash though. I have greyhounds and they are scared of other breeds especially little dogs. The dog park looks really nice. Our adventure starts in 2 weeks. We are excited!


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