Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm so confused!

Santa Fe, NM 87508
Weather & Altitude: I am so confused! Am I in NJ in January? It's been in the 40-50° range during the day and drops down to 30° overnight! I heard that it hit 80° in NJ! Huh???
Walking the dogs at 6:30 in the morning, I have to not only put on a scarf & hat, but gloves too! Is this the norm for New Mexico at this time of year? Is it because we are at 7000 ft. altitude? In spite of the cold, the lilac bushes around the campground are beginning to bloom.
I have taken a nap 2 days in a row.  I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the altitude? My body needs to expend more energy to get enough oxygen through my bloodstream? 
Both Scott & I have been having sinus headaches...Is that Spring or is that the altitude? 
Our noses are always dried up...Is that Spring or is that the altitude?
It's also been constantly windy here. Have I ever told you how much I hate the wind??? My hatred began when I used to do long distant bicycle riding for charity. I'd rather struggle up a mountain, than deal with the constant wind on flat terrain. 

Was I ever surprised when I was putting on my make up (a rare occurrence these days). I opened my squeeze bottle of liquid foundation and it started flowing out like lava out of a volcano!!!  I hadn't squeezed it yet. I thought maybe there was a hold somewhere! I frantically looked for the lid, but didn't get the bottle closed before foundation was all over the bathroom sink! I must have been squealing, because Scott came around and saw what happened.  I looked at him confused and he just matter of factly said that is what happens because of being in the high altitude. Then proceeded to tell me how water normally boils at 212°, but will probably boil at a lower temperature up here in Santa Fe.  Scott did test his suspicion. He boiled some water for pasta and couldn't resist dipping a thermometer in the water to see when it would boil. Sure enough, about 195° to boil. 
Both Devin & Lyla are loving this RV park.  It didn't take long for Devin to find something to entertain himself with.
Devin's new tumbleweed toy

The park is almost over run with rabbits. So Devin grabs a scent and off we all go. No choice until I can get some control. We just have to go along with Devin's mission. Then when he actually sees a rabbit. He just stops, lifts his front leg and I suppose he's waiting for me to shoot it or something. I guess he would make a good hunting dog.
Now Lyla on the other hand has been a real pain in the behind! She has decided that this park is a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. She's sniffing the ground also, but her goal is to find the little gourmet nuggets of bunny poop and eat them like M&M's!!! 
For all the traveling we are doing, we really don't do much touristy type of activities. We mainly like to relax and enjoy the scenery.
We did visit the SANTA FE FARMER'S MARKET.  This is a must visit place. We had to pay $1.00 an hour for parking at the nearby parking lot. We stayed 2 hours.
We began by having a light breakfast at the Farmer's Market Cafe.
Scott had a breakfast burrito and said it was delicious.  I had an almond pastry, which was also delicious.
We both had coffee.  Mine was called "black lightning". A really good cup of coffee!
We were hoping since we were early in the season, that the market wouldn't be very crowded, but we were wrong. It was difficult to get to some vendor's tables because of the crowd. Have I ever mentioned, I hate crowds? Well I do. But I persevered, because the vendors were outstanding!!!
I'll try to list some of the types of items for sale:
Lots of greens, vegetables and herbs.
Goat cheese
Home made baked items.
Raspberry Farm items
Organic beef, yak, rabbit
Lavender sachets, soaps, etc.
We ended up purchasing...
a YAK rib eye.
Raspberry jam from HEIDI'S RASPBERRY FARM
Hickory Almond Mustard
Oatmeal raspberry bars
Raspberry apple pie
Eggs from  KJ Farms. Yes, that egg on the bottom right is a pale green chicken egg. Read an interesting article about this farm and his eggs HERE.

A new thimble for my cross stitch projects.
I'm sure I forgot a few items we purchased, but you get the idea of the variety & quality found here.
We loved this farmer's market so much, we have extended our stay in Santa Fe from 1 week to 11 days, so we can go to the  SANTA FE FARMER'S MARKET  again!

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