Monday, April 16, 2012

Secret to a good cup of coffee.

Santa Fe, NM 87508
This morning my husband, Scott made me a cup of coffee. Now, keep in mind, to make ME a cup of coffee, I mean to make a cup of coffee FOR me, is quite simple. We have a small single serve KEURIG coffee maker. So just pop in a "k-cup" and push the button. I drink my coffee black, no sugar. How easy! I'm a low maintenance, I hope fairly easy to please type of gal.  Scott brings the mug of coffee to me.  I take a sip and ahhhhh, wonderful.  I said to Scott, "This is a really good cup of coffee!", he said, "Do you want to know my secret? L-O-V-E"  Awwwwwww. Ugh, too sweet.

I came across a new blog the other day. I'm now subscribing to it. This guy is a funny, funny writer. He keeps me laughing.  This couple is just starting out their transition to full time RV'ing. They are in the process of fixing up their home for sale. This is what we went through about 9 months ago, only we hired people to do it. That's why we never bought new cars, fancy clothes, new furniture, etc. We saved our money so we could hire people and ease our stress level.  Anyway, they are living in their RV locally while fixing up the house. I'm enjoying reading about this difficult transition of purging, the RV learning curve, etc. Been there, done that and still learning.
Check out GATORS & GRAPEFRUIT and leave a comment with some words of encouragement!
PANTRY RESTAURANT Our rating 4.5 out of 5
Pantry Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Huge Breakfast:Nice atmosphere with Southwestern plates on display and other artwork. A diner type atmosphere.

FRESH CORNED BEEF: Description from menu-Slow roasted corned beef brisket with sautéed green onions served on a bed of Pantry fries topped with two eggs cooked your way. Served with toast or biscuits with country gravy.  $9.99
Delicious! Cubed pieces of corned beef...yummy. This was over their breakfast fried potatoes which were very good also, topped with 2 eggs perfectly cooked over easy as requested. This also included 2 country biscuits and gravy.  I could make a meal of just the biscuits & gravy. Delish...A huge plate and too much to eat.

BUTTERMILK PANCAKES: Order of two. The waiter warned us that the pancakes were really large, but we thought we'd share if need be. Waiter was correct. The pancakes were between 10-12" in diameter. Light and fluffy though. This was served with packets of REAL butter and WARMED syrup.

SAUSAGE PATTIES: 2 thick slices of sausage. Nothing exceptional, but still good and nicely cooked with just a touch of crispness.

The wait staff were very nice and efficient.
We hope to return for another breakfast. I'd like to try the Stuffed French Toast!

Pantry update 4/19/12:
Just came back from dinner at Pantry. If we lived in Santa Fe, this would be our "go to" restaurant.  Scott had the meatloaf & I had the reuben sandwhich.

GARDEN SALAD: Large salad with crisp romaine, green peppers, tomatoes, cukes, radishes and home made croutons. Scott had italian dressing & I had raspberry vinaigrette. Dressing were average.

MEATLOAF dinner with brown gravy, vegetables and mashed potatoes: Meatloaf was very good but nothing exceptional. I think a slightly thicker slice would have been nice. I don't think the mashed potatoes were home made. The sauteed vegetables of FRESH green & yellow squash, carrots, and broccoli were excellent. The meatloaf dinner also came with a thick slice of Texas toast, which was good.

REUBEN sandwich: Pantry cooks their own corned beef. Sandwich was very. Fresh hearty rye breast, and not overwhelmed with 1000 island dressing. This plate came with a crisp dill pickle slice and HOME MADE potato chips. The chips were excellent & addictive!!

TRES LECHES cake: Delicious.

CHOCOLATE FLAN cake: Slightly disappointing. The chocolate cake base was good. Not real sweet (a good thing). Almost like a light brownie. Topped with a layer of flan, which I felt was tasteless. Chocolate syrup was drizzled over top. I think a caramel or butterscotch syrup would have been much better with this combo.

Still hoping to make it for our 2nd breakfast there before we leave.
Kitchen counter space is at a premium in an RV. We do have the part that can lift up for extra space, but we want MORE! We went to Target and bought a resin/plastic cutting board a little larger than one of our sinks.  Scott cut it to fit over the sink and we rarely take if off. This is part of our counter top now.

Sink & Shower Strainer 3-PackWe replaced our sink drains with just SCREEN DRAINS, so the sinks do not hold water now. I hate running the water constantly or on and off, on and off to do the dishes.  So we purchased a COLLAPSIBLE SINK. I love it!! This is exactly what we needed. Purchased at Camping World.

Sink collapses fairly flat so I can just throw it in the under the stove storage, otherwise known as the oven or in the slim drawer under the oven. Now I can fill up the collapsible sink with hot sudsy water and really feel like I'm getting the dishes cleaned.  The tub can of course be used for other things, such as a bucket to clean the rig, a paw rinsing station, when the dogs paws are muddy or dirty, etc.
As long as I can keep Lyla and Devin off my keyboard and off button, my computer is working fine. My computer is basically on all day long.  So when I go outside for something, the dogs want to know "where Mom went". So up onto my chair, then onto my desk, hopefully missing my keyboard Lyla plants herself to look out the side slide window to keep an eye on Mom and make sure she doesn't leave without her.

I use my computer mainly for file keeping, web surfing, email and blogging. Scott likes to play those fancy games on his,so he needs a better computer than mine.  His computer has been going blank lately. He realized that the computer was ok, but the screen was not showing anything.  Being the computer savvy guy he is, he figured it was the video card. He hasn't had to buy a video card in a couple of years, so he had to research the best ones for his needs.

He ordered a
XFX FX787ACDBC Double D HD 7870 1050MHz 2GB DDR5 2XminiDP HDMI Dual DVI Graphics Cards - Black Edition.  My gosh! The name is longer than the link!! Oh, and I guess they are now called "Graphics Cards". What the hell??? Good thing we keep our money separate! This thing cost $389.00!!!!! Men & their toys.

When it comes to computers, we want it NOW. Luckily, Santa Fe Skies RV Park accepts personal mail delivery here, so we didn't have to have it forwarded from Escapees mail  in Livingston, TX. Two days and he's back in business. Let the games begin! 

What is that hanging on the front door??? Oh, he can't be serious??!!!????

 I DON'T THINK SO! You want privacy, then don't full time in a 35' RV! Actually, it all works out fine.  If he really needs to have the full effect of his games, he puts on a set of headphones and I don't hear all the guns shooting, or cars vrooming. I can just do as I please and laugh at him squiggling around in his chair and screaming and yelling at the game, or talking game stuff with his fellow gamers.
Bad Mommy! I've been emailing & blogging. It's amazing how time consuming blogging is.  I've been up since 6:30am when I took the dogs out for their morning walk.  It is now 2:30pm and I haven't stepped foot out of the RV since the morning walk. 
Lyla can hold it "forever". She's content to lay around the house as long as Mom is near. Devin being the active 1.5 yr old Irish Setter has also been a very good and patient boy today.  He's just now starting to get a little squirmy. Bad, bad Mommy! Time to let the dogs out!
(Not our African Grey Parrot.) 

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  1. Just found your blog in my Favs, Deb. Looks like you're having a blast! Lovely, lovely spring here in NJ. Was warm enough over the last 2 days to have the AC on. We just returned from 10 days in England. Just beautiful there too; we had a great time in London, Stratford Upon Avon, and Bath. I could live in the latter 2 towns. Nice and laid back, people are so polite and friendly. Not many 'Proper Wool Shops' though. Really made me appreciate the shops around here. Been knitting down your stash?


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