Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Altitude or Allergies?

Santa Fe, NM 87508 

Yep, this is how I feel today, like an elephant is sitting on my head and face! Add to that, very itchy eyes, ear ache and oh sooooo tired.
I went back to bed at 11am and slept for 3 hours. I still feel lousy, but dragged myself out to dinner, since our time is limited in Santa Fe.
TUNE-UP CAFE: Our rating 4 out of  5
Tune-Up Cafe on Urbanspoon
Looks are deceiving. If I was going here alone, I would have just kept driving by. This cafe is in the middle of a small neighborhood in a tiny old building. I saw no sign with their name displayed. Only saw some funky painting on the side of the building and "New Mexican Food" . One side of the building looks like they are trying to expand, but we just see plywood. Are they expanding or is is falling apart? Some outside tables and the guests stared at us as we drove by (missed it the first pass), as if we were the entertainment for the evening.

We did backtrack and verify that this was the correct address. Hubby went first and once inside, a totally different impression. Very nice wait sfaff, cozy atmosphere (tight). Upon entering we saw cake globes with delicious looking cakes and tall glass containers filled with huge cookies. I know what I'm taking home!

NACHOS:  Delicious home made nacho chips, thick and crispy with layers of melted cheeses, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, and sliced peppers. Came with a "roasted tomato salsa". The salsa was disappointing. It tasted almost like a thin tomato pasta sauce.

CORN SOUP: This was the soup of the day. Delicious. Wonderful blend of sweet corn, celery, spices and nothing over bearing. Came with 2 wedges of  a hearty home made bread. We ordered the cup, which came in a coffee mug, so was quite a large serving.

CAESAR SALAD: Average and not enough dressing to rate.

MOLE COLORADO CHICKEN ENCHILADAS:  Delicious. The mole sauce took a while to get used to since we'd never had it before. Ended up being very tasty. Chicken was moist. Came with a Caesar salad which was average with not enough dressing to rate. Sauteed bananas were excellent and the Spanish rice was delicious and unique. Odd spices that worked.  The rice was light and not gloppy.

We were so full we took deserts to go.
CARROT CAKE: Large wedge of layered carrot cake. Cream cheese icing was plentiful and delicious. Unfortunately the cake was lacking. Dry and not much to it. My home made carrot cake has golden raisens, coconut and pineapple in the batter. This cake seemed almost from a mix. Did not feel any of the texture of the shredded carrots that usually go into a carrot cake.

GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE: Redemption is here. This cake was delicious through and through. Large wedge of layered german chocolate cake which is not as dense or chocolaty as a regular chocolate cake. Sides were covered with a very dark chocolate icing. Not very sweet, but tasted like you were eating a very good dark chocolate candy.  Center icing and top was the normal icing for this type of cake. Sweet coconut, caramel and pecan icing. Definitely tasted home made and buttery caramel taste.


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