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Brrrrrrr! Woke up to 38°!!! Put on my knitted hat and cowl to stay warm while walking the dogs.  

Stayed cool and windy most of the day, so today was a "lazy" day. I sat in my rocking recliner and caught up on all my Tivo recorded HARRY'S LAW episodes. I just found out that Harry's Law has been cancelled. That stinks! I loved this show. I thought the subject matter was great! Lots of controversial subjects and/or politically incorrect.

(Soapbox warning):The last episode was about a man who's wife was murdered. Of course, the spouse is the first suspect. After a year, he is still labeled by the police as "a person of interest". No other leads, BUT no real evidence to charge the husband. So the husband is in limbo. He has the stigma of being a murder suspect. He can't get a job because of this label. He is being prejudiced against because of this label that the police refuse to lift. I say "shit or get off the pot!". Which leads me to...

Innocent until proven guilty? I don't think so. If you are innocent, then why are you thrown in jail awaiting trial? Oh, I agree some suspects should be in jail for the public's protection, but, still they have not been proven guilty, therefore, they are to be presumed innocent.  And therefore, should not be locked up. What happens if I was accused of some crime and I don't have an alibi and I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm thrown in jail awaiting trial? ...and the court system is so backed up that you could be sitting in jail, even though we are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, for years. I lose my job for no show. I lose my insurance, because I don't have a job,  I lose my house because I don't have a job, possibly lose my kids (if I had them), and my spouse, etc. Grrrrr.

And another thing, what about when someone sues you. You have to hire a lawyer to defend yourself. You need to take time off work, etc. This could devastate you financially, depending how severe the case. If you win, you should be reimbursed for the court fees, lawyer fees, wages for work missed, etc.

Another Harry's Law episode was the subject of suing the tobacco company because you developed lung cancer. You have free will! You were stupid enough to smoke for years, sucking in smoke into the organs that are used and needed 24/7 to live. How dare you sue the tobacco company. 

Should I sue grocery stores, because I they carry ice cream that I can't resist, and therefore gain weight, and then develop diabetes, and eventually lose my sight, a limb, etc. I'm fat because I CHOOSE to buy that ice cream.

An episode dealt with a family suing the high school because their son died playing football. We know it's dangerous, we take precautions. Accidents happen. Only you can determine if the risk is worth the experience.

Scott & I ride motorcycles (well did). Yes, we know the chance of an accident. We chose to still ride. And yes, I had a small accident and have a scar to prove it. I got right back on the bike and continued to ride.

Do we sue the police because our child overdosed on drugs and the police didn't do their job?

There is plenty of things available to us that are not good for us If we choose to partake, we must suffer the consequences.

That's why I like Harry's Law.
I've come to the conclusion that our dogs are smarter than Scott!  We have an African Grey Parrot, that is quite a talker. She sounds just like me. 
Swazye loves pets. 
Yes, she is funny looking. She has a psychological problem causing her to pluck. Very common in this type of parrot.

This is how Swayze SHOULD look.

Some of her vocabulary include:
Whistling portions of the Adam's Family theme song
Wolf whistle
Good night
See ya later
Go out?
What are you looking at?
My name is Swayze Buskirk
Dropping bomb
Coo Coo!
Devin no
I'm sure there's more. We take it for granted. But she says "What?" a lot. Or she'll mumble nonsense (in my voice). The dogs never pay attention, even when Swayze says "Devin, quiet!" But I can't count the amount of times Scott has been fooled and will look at me and say "what did you say?". I just look at him confused and then we realize the parrot said something.
So the dogs can tell when it's the parrot and not me, but Scott can't.
Are you smarter than a 5th grader? or my dogs?
We need to replace the door knob of our bathroom. But in the meantime Lyla "helps" us out.  Whenever I go into the bathroom, Lyla needs to be near Mom. So she comes up and plops herself up against the bathroom door. That's great! She keeps the door closed, but how am I supposed to get out? The door opens outward, so I have to slowly open and push Lyla out of the way. Do you think she'll budge? Nope!
The Bone GardenThe Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good narration by: Susan Denaker
Historical,medical, mystery and some romance.
Story covers present day and also 1830.
Present day mystery of who's skeleton is buried in the back yard,is solved by telling the story of what happened in this town in the early 1800's. The story goes back and forth between present day and past.
The historical part is quite interesting, because it describes what it was like to be a medical student at that time.  The price paid for body snatching a freshly deceased body for use at the medical school for teaching.
Jack the ripper type murders taking place, the accused and the investigation and mystery solved both past & present.
Good character development.
I also read THE SURGEON by this offer years ago. I don't remember the details, but I also rated that book 4 out of 5 stars.

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