Thursday, May 31, 2012

RV Mods

Declo, ID 83323
RV LIFE: Just a couple of things I've taken for granted, but are handy.
Hook on screen door-Our 18 month old Irish Setter Devin, can be quite a smart dog. When we are just using the screen door, he pushes the clear part open and lays his snout on it to look and smell the outside. While laying his head there, he also can push the lever down, which then OPENS the door and Devin is free. Good for him, but not for us. So Scott simply put a small hook that we can latch to prevent the opening. Easy to hook and unhook whether inside or out.
Refrigerator fan: Frost builds up on the fins inside our refrigerator. To prevent this build up, Scott installed a computer hard drive fan inside our fridge. He wired it to the inside light.

Below, you can see the frost build up on the non fan side. We just switch the fan from side to side about every 2 weeks. Works like a charm.

Camping world sells a very blocky, battery operated unit. That would take up precious space in the refrigerator and also always having to change batteries. I would not recommend the battery operated one.
You can find the correct fan on Ebay. It is listed as Dometic Norcold Refriderator Fan for RV. It's about $16.00


Portable Ice Maker: We have an EMERSON ICE MAKER that we purchased on sale for $70. at Target. Current price is $150. We are very happy with this ice maker. You can make ice in three sizes. We prefer the large size, that is still only maybe 1 inch long. The ice comes out as bullet shaped with a hole . Easy to use.

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  1. We will buy the hardware by the time we get to NC and let Scott work his magic. Remind me again what his favorite beverage is :). And what is it with 93 degs in Ogden and they gave us non-shade spot when they had trees available..missing the Village of the Trees!


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