Friday, June 1, 2012

Around town

Declo, ID 83323
We went to breakfast in Rupert, about 6 miles from the RV Park. Review is below. After breakfast, we stopped at the Post Office to mail some post cards and a letter. One way streets in town, so we were forced to take a tour of their historical town center.

That's about it!
After our little errand was done and our historical tour complete, we headed back. Stopped at a local Feed store that sold dog food. Many of these places surprisingly carry better dog food and TASTE OF THE WILD, that we feed our dogs.No luck this time, but it was sure fun just walking around the store. Lots of cowboy hats, a little snack bar, and whole display of boot spurs and WHITE LEGHORN chicks for sale. I've never seen that in NJ. Although, working in the Post Office, we did often see chicks & ducklings shipped via mail. We enjoyed the peeping noises while the air holed box sat on the supervisor's desk to keep safe prior to delivery. These are egg laying chickens rather than raised for meat. They lay an average of 280 eggs each per year.

I slept until 8am! Devin was still asleep on our bed by my feet! Did Scott drug him?
Devin has been enjoying our ever changing neighbors. This park is very dog friendly and Devin has been a gem as dogs pass on their walks. Some dog neighbors we've had this last couple of weeks, are a very friendly & not yappy long haired chihuahua, Springer Spaniel, Lab, 5 month Lab puppy. It's been nice for me also to meet new dogs.

There are about a dozen horses right next to the RV Park. I knew at least one or two were pregnant. Well the black horse gave birth to a beautiful black & white foul. So cute seeing it keep close to it's Mom. Amazing that is is out in the field hanging out with Mom when it is only one day old!

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Our rating 3 out of  5
Interesting architecture. The inside is a circular open floor plan. The waitress station is in the center of the room. Huge wooden rafters spread out from the center.
HOME FRIES: Good, nothing special. Just fresh shredded potato, fried on the grill till crispy.
EGGS OVER EASY: Done to perfection.
PANCAKE: Average, not great, but not bad.
FRIED SCONE: Interesting and huge. In NJ, a scone is like a tea biscuit. Here is is basically fried sweet bread, slight taste resemblance to funnel cake.
We did return for breakfast again.


  1. Hey Nice post. I am learning fast about RV things these days. I want to know are caravan park and RV park are the same thing? If not, what is the difference between both of them?

  2. Speaking of hens, one of the few things we miss from our sticks-n-bricks home were our 7 lay-dies, getting an average of 5 fresh egg days was wonderful! The Terry Bison Ranch CG in Cheyenne, WY a possible next stop, has a flock of hens from where you can buy eggs. Safe travels...Dave/Rawlins, WY


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