Saturday, June 2, 2012

I hate roller coasters!

Declo, ID 83323
We had a very busy day today. 
4 wheelin
Out to lunch
Mountain Man Rendezvous
We made plans to go 4 wheelin' in our friend Don's jeep. Big decision, do we let Don take our life in his hands? Just joking of course. We had to decide whether to bring our dogs along or keep them in the RV. That would mean 8 hours alone in the RV. Poor Devin would be crated that whole time. Lyla would be fine, but after a while, I think she would get antsy and start barking wondering where we are. We rarely leave them for that length of time.
1st decision made...we'll bring the dogs.
Another decision, do we take Lyla on the ride with us or leave her in a strange house and hope she settles? Devin will be crated so no problem.  Lyla NEEDS to see us leave or she gets very upset.
2nd decision made...
Don & I got to know each other in 2002, over a 2 week period, while in a training course in Oklahoma for the Post Office. We are walking down the hall and Don asks, "Where are you from?"
I say, "New Jersey"
Don: "Ohhhh, New Joisey?"
I turn and look him in the eyes with that welcoming look a Jersey girl can look, and say...
Well, so much for making friends. We ended up "stuck" being class partners. After 2 weeks, 7 hours together daily, and then meeting for happy hour, then dinner together with other classmates, we did eventually become friends with many happy memories gathered.
We've kept in touch via email for 10 yrs. Scott & I have planned our full time lifestyle for 6 yrs, so I kept promising Don, someday we'll be in Idaho during our travels. Someday has arrived.
Don has sent me multiple photos of his travels through beautiful Idaho. We are now able to experience this beauty in Don's special way.

(Soapbox alert) We hop in his jeep with all the windows and roof taken off. Don decides to take us to CHINK'S PEAK renamed Chinese Peak. Oh boy now you've got me started again. I guess I should keep my thoughts on this to myself. I'll just put some links HERE ABOUT OFFENSIVE GEOGRAPHICAL NAMES. Let me say just one thing...
If you consider yourself "African-American", not "Black" nor "Negro", well, hell, then I'm "European-American", not "White", not "Caucasian". On last year's Census Bureau survey, I listed myself as "Other-European-American", because they listed "African-America", which is ASSumed to be "Black". There are "White" people who are "African-American"! I'm so disgusted with not offending anyone. Life is hard and we all have to learn to toughen up our thin skin. Let me get back on the main subject, 4 wheelin'.

Don was very reassuring, that it is safe...mostly. We make a left onto a dirt road and I assume we'll next be going straight on the dirt road, oh wait, Nooooo! We're heading left on that bumpy, boulder strewn, pot holed "walking" trail! So my favorite phrase for this ride up to the 7000' high peak was...
"Oh Crap, OOOOhhhh, CRAP, OH! CRAP!!!"

It was quite a bit of fun. Lots of rocking and bumping & laughing. There was only one spot that was really scary. As we neared the peak, the ascent became very steep, and rocky. It felt just like when you are ascending that highest, steepest part of a roller coaster ride, only there were no chains keeping the vehicle attached to a rail. Oh crap! We're going to flip backwards! Don is laughing with, well really at me, Scott is doing the same. Well I later learned he was quite nervous on that part also.

We get to the peak, get out of the jeep for some beautiful views and to make sure our legs have turned from rubber back to solid. Don notices that his jeep is leaking coolant. Oh crap. We've got to head back. We won't be able to go on some other mountains as planned today.
We certainly built up an appetite after our wild ride. Glad we didn't eat before hand. We would not only be checking out Don's coolant leak but also cleaning his jeep after getting sick!
Don & Marsha go to this Greek Restaurant just about weekly.  We all ended up ordering the same thing. Delicious.
Grecian Key Restaurant on Urbanspoon
Our rating 4.5 out of 5

Being from NJ, we wondered if Idaho would ruin what we know as a Gyro.
Tables are closer together than I'd like, so I would suggest a booth if you can get it. Very casual outside dining, covered for shade.
We arrived on a busy Saturday afternoon. They were either short staffed or didn't expect a crowd. We could see our waitress was frustrated with having to be not only seating hostess, cashier, waitress and then back up waitress for the only other waitress temporarily missing in action. She did a great job, kept a smile on her face and apologized for any delay.
GYROS: We had the regular gyro with feta cheese added. I've never had feta cheese on a gyro before. What a great addition. The gyro was excellent. Sometimes in NJ at fairs, the food truck gyro is made with ranch dressing. The gyro at Grecian Key was authentic, made with a cucumber sauce.
Pita was soft and fresh. Meat spiced nicely and delicious. My only negative was I would have liked a little more onion (just my taste).
FRENCH FRIES: We ordered a basket of steak fries. Average.
I would love to return, but probably won't be back to Pocatello until next year.

And we're STILL not finished with our activities today. When living in NJ after I retired, the joke at my "What's the Scoop" knitting group, was that I didn't like to do more than ONE social thing a day.  Today I'm already past my quota.
We now head off to Port-Neuf Muzzleloaders Mountain Man Rendezvous. This is a gathering where the group re-create life of the Mountain Man. Tents, cooking in cast iron pots over an open fire, knife throwing contest, muzzleloaders shooting competition, etc. Very nice event.

While walking around with our setters, checking out all the tent set ups, one of the pioneer women came up to me and said they have an English Setter. So off we go talking about English Setters and how difficult they can be as youngsters, but then turn out wonderful and it's worth all the work. We spoke for quite a long time. Talked about our RV adventure. Very nice couple. They live in UT and invited us to set up overnight on their property if ever needed. Thank you REX & MARISA & ANNABELLE.
So, after this busy day already, I set myself outside with my knitting, put my feet up and trying to figure out where I left off.
Not 5 minutes into my knitting a couple come walking towards our site.
"Are you Debbie?"
"We read your blog!"
So, the tables have been turned. While in Santa Fe, I burst onto a campsite and said sort of the same thing to Brad & Suzanne of RVING & TRAVELS BLOG.
Now we are the "celebrities"! So we met Dave & Teri of FLIP FLOP VECTOR BLOG. I really have a terrible memory and I am currently subscribed to too many blogs. I had to start a spreadsheet to try to keep track of who is who and what they do, etc. I had to admit I didn't know who they were. They said I follow their blog and left a comment also. I did recognize their blog name, but couldn't place any specifics. We had an easy, enjoyable conversation for almost an hour. Too bad they were leaving in the morning.
After they left and I gave up my knitting because it was now getting late, of course I had to power up my computer and "snoop" around their blog. Oooohhhh, of course! These are the new full timers who have a great blog and Dave is a hilarious writer!!!! I can't get through a post of his without laughing. Their blog is a very good read!
While in Santa Fe, we visited Don Quixote Distillery & Winery. (post of 4/21/12)
Don Quixote Te Amo SANGRIA
My rating 3 out of 5
Just an average Sangria, smooth red wine with just a touch of fruitiness and sweetness. It was refreshing served over ice on a hot day.
Would probably not buy again.

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