Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Unpredictable weather

Declo, ID 83323
No sense to this weather. Yesterday it was so hot even in the shade, I decided to head indoors to the AC. It was about 80-85° outside. Around 7pm the wind started, it grew dark. Scott went out to secure the outside items such as chairs, bicycles, etc. He comes back in and says it's a dust storm! Well, that's another first for us. I stuck my head out just to "experience" it, even if for 15 seconds. We looked out to where we normally can see the Snake River and nothing visible. The storm left some downed small branches through out, which Devin is loving. He thinks sticks and branches are his own personal toy collection. The storm also caused a cold front to come through and the temperature has been dropping ever since!
This morning I woke up to 41°!! It didn't get above 55° all day and then quickly dropped back down to low 40's after dinner.
Counted Cross Stitch: So after 10 years and aging eyes, I've finished my "I Love Dogs" counted cross stitch yesterday before it got too hot out. This cross stitch has given me MANY hours of enjoyment. While cross stitching, I love sitting outside in the bright sun light, listening to an audio book or podcasts, and enjoying the company of my dogs

So, now what to I do next? I THINK I brought a couple of x stitch projects. Do I want to dig around the basement of the RV to look for them? Nooooo. So do I just concentrate on finishing my worsted weight cardigan? I am definitely a project orientated crafter. I don't like to have too many things going at once. I like to have only 2-3 projects working at a time-an outdoor project, an indoor project, & a travel project.
Outdoor project can be pretty much anything except maybe a huge afghan that would be too hot to work on outside.
An indoor project is usually a more complicated knitted item, such as lace or cables, like in the photos below.

Lace & beads
 and then a travel day project means something that can be worked on while bouncing around in our dually pick up Ford 350. So cross stitch is out. Even if I didn't need a magnifier AND glasses to do this, I wouldn't be able to stick the needle in the right spot with all the bouncing. Same goes with a REAL lace project, meaning skinny knitting needles and fingering or lace weight (very thin) yarn.
Many times I just do a worsted weight crochet project, no worries about losing stitches. Traveling is a good time to do charity crocheting, which usually consists of hats & afghan blocks.
I do have my future projects pretty organized, with pattern & yarn together in a zip lock bag. 
DENNY'S 50 STATE CHALLENGE: An exciting, interactive race across America, where the first person to check into a Denny’s Diner in all 50 states will win FREE GRAND SLAMS FOR LIFE. There are great discount coupons, souvenirs and badges to unlock along the way.
Here at the Village of Trees RV Park, there is a small restaurant called Village Grill within walking distance. Serving food from 8am - to about 9pm. They will deliver to the campground also.
We ate take out dinner the first night.  Good enough to enjoy and satisfy after a day of traveling.
We have since eaten breakfast there quite often. Nothing fancy, but good basic omelets, eggs, pancakes, and home fries. Plenty of food and a good breakfast.
We also ordered pizza hoping we'd be pleasantly surprised. Well...it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. I would actually order again if we didn't feel like cooking or going out. Not enough cheese and the crust was more of the frozen pizza type. Maybe I'll rethink that, I'd rather get a burrito than a poor pizza.

My rating 5 out of 5: When shopping, we tend to purchase NEWMAN'S OWN products, because they are usually good and the proceeds go to a charity we like.
We tried Newman's Own Organics Special Blend Extra Bold k-cups.  It was too strong for Scott, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. Very bold and smooth. Great for that first cup of coffee in the morning.
My regular "go to" beer is Corona Light. I only buy a 6 pack at a time, because I don't drink beer very much. But, after a day of traveling and setting up, I NEED a beer, especially if it is a hot day.  It takes the edge off the day and the view of the new campground.  I can be quite critical of where we are staying, before I give it a chance. That is something that Scott has been very good about understanding and putting up with my first impression negative reactions. "Here, have a cold beer, Debbie" Yep, it helps a lot. I may very rarely have a beer on a hot day, so a six pack lacks quite a time. Well, here in this part of Idaho, it's difficult to find a six pack of Corona LIGHT.
The RV park store has a convenience store carrying a variety of beers. So had to try this one because of the name. Moose Drool! I have a lot of experience with drool. Lovely Lyla grows some long wiggly fangs of drool. I have to make it a habit to carry a bandanna with me, not to dress Lyla up, but to wipe the drool from her mouth.

This is a dark ale, but not real strong like many dark beers. I thought it was a nice, slightly robust dark. I could easily drink more of this.


The Glass LakeThe Glass Lake by Maeve Binchy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A great read (probably just for women). It was like eavesdropping on the lives of a small village over a 10-12 yr span.
Loving the wrong person and eventually a very difficult life lesson learned.
Finding love with the right person.
Kids growing up into young adults and the wise & poor decisions made and the resulting circumstances.
Lots of strong emotions in the relationships.
I really cared and was very interested in each character.
I must admit, I had to write down all the characters on a paper to keep track of who was who and linked with who, etc.
Loved this book.

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  1. LOVing your blog. Found it through Flip Flop Vector. Brand new to this full-time RV thinking but we're well on our way to making it happen...next year soon as the house sells, we are out of here! So many awesome bits of information out there from other bloggers...giving me the courage and setting up the excitement to take the dive. Can't wait to read more of your journey...love all the tags you use and the CRAFTS especially. Right now while at work, my husband at home selling off more than half my loot in a garage sale - ugh! Thinking now I need to use more tags on my blog...really helpful. Back to reading...~cozygirl itsacozylife.blogspot.com


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