Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lazy days

Declo, ID 83323
So, we are in the last days of our 3 week stay here in Declo. We only planned for 1 week, but this is such a wonderful park and we had a couple of weeks free, so we extended our stay to 2 weeks and finally 3 weeks. There isn't much to do in this area, not even any interesting restaurants to try. This is why it's been some lazy days for us here.
Scott's been playing an on line game with other players from around the world.
I've been doing a lot of silly facebook games, such as BUBBLE WITCH SAGA, also crafting & reading. What a great life.

Yesterday, it was in the 40's again in the morning. Barely hit the 50's in the afternoon, plus add wind and rain off and on. This made for a great day to stay inside and "play sick". Meaning, watch TV, have soup for lunch, cuddle under the afghan, etc.  I ended up knitting in bed watching old "Trauma: Life in the ER" marathon. Great day!

About 4 days ago, two horses gave birth. I've been trying to take photos of the foals in the field near us, but they are always laying down. I guess they're like puppies and babies and sleep alot. I'm just not catching them during their play time.
White speck on grass on right is a 3 days old foal napping.
**Update: Got a few shots of the babies.

I'm finally starting to not feel quilty about "being lazy", which really means relaxing, enjoying what I want to do, instead of working on someone else's schedule. I keep saying, Scott & I are so lucky to be able to retire at a fairly young age and have the means to live this RV full lifestyle. Also, that both Scott & I think alike and have the same goals.

I guess "honey do's" never end. While I was rearranging my side of our basement, I was getting dripped on. Above my head were the water lines. Uh oh! Did a hose crack? Did I poke a hole in one when I put some nails in the wall?
Honeeeey? We have a leak! I did check to see if it was leaking where it was dripping...nope! It was coming from inside....somewhere. I had visions of having to call someone in to pull apart our water line.  We knew this water line was from/to the bathroom sink, so Scott started by looking underneath the sink. Imagine how cramped working on a bathroom sink is in a regular house. Cut that space in 1/2 and now you're working in an RV bathroom sink cabinet.
Scott figured out that it wasn't the tubing or joints, but the faucet. Remember I said there's not much around Declo? Well that includes, no Home Depot or Lowe's either. Scott did find a local hardware store and we bought a cheap $25. bathroom faucet set. He installed and all is dry. We'll take our time looking for nicer faucet. We're not fancy people and can easily put up with this cheap faucet for quite a while.
I have been working on the sleeves of the COMFY CARDI. So I'm very close to the end! Well, I was until I kept knitting & knitting & knitting while watching TV in bed yesterday. As I was about to shape the shoulders, I measured the length and ...I'm an idiot...the sleeves will end up down to my knuckles!  So, I will have to FROG (rippit, rippit, out) my sleeves to the correct length. I was so close to finishing. Now it will be a day delayed. The feeling is  like driving to your next destination and when you're 10 miles away, you realize you put the wrong coordinates in the GPS and now you have to drive another 100 miles! Oh crap. It's not much fun to have to frog your projects, but you'll be glad you did rather than leaving in a very noticeable mistake you could have fixed.

Today, I sat outside in the bright sunlight to see my knitting better (black yarn), while I frogged, my sleeves. After frogging to the right length, I was left with an unwound pile of loose yarn. No problem, I'll just be careful and I re-knit and eventually the loose yarn will be used up again. But, I didn't take into account that Devin would decide he wanted to play with Lyla and Lyla would come over to me to get away from him. Yep, she walked right through the loose pile of yarn, got her legs wrapped around it and around it. In the meantime, Devin is still trying to get to Lyla. Chaos!!!
Yarn all over!
Scott heard me yelling at Devin, so he came out to help. He's a brave man to enter into this screaming, chaotic situation. Poor Lyla could tell I was upset, so she wanted to jump up and get a hug from me. Oh, I also had headphones attached to my IPod and that also got tangled in. Thank goodness I was on my second glass of wine. Scott brought the dogs into the RV. I untangled my headphones, put them back on and started listening to STASH AND BURN podcast and calmly just proceeded to untangle and roll the yarn into a ball.  Fifteen minutes later, all is in order again.
Well, maybe not everything. I no sooner get my yarn untangled and then I had to untangle Devin.
I tried a JAZZ APPLE the other day. Nice very crisp apple, with a slight sweet taste. Not as sweet as a McIntosh. I would purchase again.

Broccoli Salad: We first enjoyed a Broccoli Salad purchased from a PA Dutch Market in NJ. It was delicious. It consisted of broccoli florets, sweet mayo bases dressing, shredded cheese, sweet red onion, & raisins. Since then, we try broccoli salad where ever we can find it.
Albertson's Broccoli Crunch Salad is very good as is Walmart Broccoli Salad. I believe we tried Smith's, which was way too sweet.

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