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Boise, ID 83714
Our site A13
Sites: Gravel, level. The sites used to share a common hook up post, but now the adjacent site is used for parking your vehicle. Our site, is one of the less desirable, in that it is only 30amp, no grass and no tree. But we are at the end of the row, so no one is in front of us and we have a view of the treed bike path.
Bike path in rear amid trees. View from RV.
Privacy: Not much in the way of privacy, but the "nicer" sites with a patch of  nice grass and a shade tree, can make it pleasant.

Hook ups: FHU, some only 30amp.
Bathroom: Clean. Showers were also clean, but would like a little more privacy than just a plastic shower curtain.
Laundry: Nice laundry, choice of front or top load. Clean $1.50 per load and per dry (2012)
Cost: $27./day (weekly rate)
Pet friendly: Yes, many dogs at sites. Not too picky about rules. Some poop not picked up. Some dogs off lead with owners, but they were under control. A couple of people leave their dogs tied outside overnight, but the dogs were quiet and seemed fine.
WiFi: Free WiFi worked great. Pretty fast.
Verizon internet: Great. Didn't use much because of the good free WiFi.
Sprint internet: Great. Didn't use much because of the good free WiFi.
AT&T (Deb) cell: 5 bars
Verizon (Scott) cell: 5 bars
Sights: We are right next to the LES BOISE PARK, which is a horse race track. The bike path that we walk our dogs is right along all the horse stalls.
Town: Boise and the surrounding area reminds me a lot of where we lived in NJ before full timing. A lot of stores, strip malls, traffic.  NJ has "Jug Handles" (see below ), but Boise has loooooong lights.
NJ Jug Handles: 
I have copied the well put and great description of NJ jug handles below from A STRANGER AMONG GUIDOS blog. Thank you for your help!

What's a jughandle? Why it's the most backwards way to turn left EVER! Instead of going left, you go to the right! Think of it as an interstate off ramp at nearly every turn. 

Often, the jughandle is on the opposite side of the cross street from you. That means in order to turn left. You must wait for the light, drive straight through the intersection, immediately exit to the right and then...WAIT FOR THE SAME LIGHT AGAIN, ON THE STREET YOU JUST CROSSED! 

If the point of a jughandle is to speed up the flow of traffic then how is that accomplished by increasing the amount time a car will spend navigating a single intersection? 

There are a few places where making a normal left hand turn is possible. But driver beware, you will never have the right of way due to the constant stream of traffic driving past you. You’ll probably end up making that left just as the light turns red. 

And because you made that last second dash to the left, someone will probably HONK and yell at you for making them wait 3/10TH of a nanosecond. For God's sake, don't bother giving them the finger…that's how we say hello in New Jersey...

My morning walk with the dogs goes right beside the stalls for the horses. Very cool to watch all the buzz of the morning activities. Hundreds of horses 1 to a stall, with the ball of hay hanging for them to eat.

Some horses on that "May pole" type device that makes them walk around in circles.

Workers cleaning out the stalls, huge piles of wood shavings
Jockeys taking warm up laps.
There are a couple of Jockeys staying at this RV park.
Since we are right next to the horse park, we also hear the loudspeaker announcing the next race, etc. But it really is only short announcements, and not too annoying.
I'm not into watching horse racing at all. While in NJ, we were very close to MONMOUTH PARK Racetrack. Our Union annual picnics were held there because our Union President was a huge fan of the track.


AncestorAncestor by Scott Sigler
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Audio book narrated by the author, Scott Sigler. Most narrations by the author I have found are sub par. This is no exception. Although Mr. Sigler seemed to do justice to the character voices and was good during action scenes, his general narration was boring and monotone.
For Sci-Fi fans this was just typical. Scientist developing a unique creature who organs are compatible with humans & would not be rejected by humans needing transplants.  Of course things go wrong and good vs bad, etc. Not much imagination in this story except how the creatures were developed.
I struggled through this book, thinking it would get better with an interesting twist. Nope.

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  1. Hm. My view of most any North American Traffic Management office (and I'm including Canada here, so don't get all uptight) is a room full of 1000 monkeys, all pounding on ancient typewriters.
    I swear nobody has ever once travelled outside their own country to have a look at how things might be done elsewhere, or heaven forbid, maybe even take a look on the internet.
    Jug handles? I wouldn't have believed it. It's like fairy tale stuff.
    What would be wrong with a round-about? Surely that couldn't be more confusing than a "jug handle".
    I feel dumber just having typed "jug handle". Seriously.


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