Monday, June 18, 2012

Zamzow's WOW!

Boise, ID 83714
We prefer to stay at one place for at least 2 weeks. This gives us a chance to settle and relax. We also get a chance to take in what the local area has to offer, such as restaurants, sightseeing, touristy stuff, restaurants, oops, mentioned that already, but that is high on our list.
But even staying two weeks at a time, we are still moving about 25 times a year. Which means packing up, securing loose items, etc.  Little by little, we are learning how to NOT have to pack up so much.

We started by using 3M COMMAND STRIPS, for many things, such as hanging framed photos, cross stitch etc. We haven't had to take any of our frames down or lost any from dropping either. They work great for that.  We used the "small wire hooks" 17067 Command(TM) Wire Hooks
to hang kitchen utensils on the wall under our microwave.
17600B Command(TM) Bath Hook
We've used the "bathroom hook" in our shower to hang the wire thingy to hold shampoo, shavers, etc. 
Command strips are a great product, doesn't put any holes in the wall and comes off without any residue.

The other thing we find essential is a PUTTY that goes by many names. I originally found it in an office supply store. It's also called "earthquake putty". It prevents knick knacks from falling off shelves during a minor earthquake. It's also called "museum putty", which holds museum items secure on shelves. 
This putty has been ESSENTIAL for keeping things in place during travel. It truly saves a lot of packing and unpacking. For example, you can see above, on my desk I have put putty under the Irish Setter mug pencil holder and the photo frame.  I never put these away during travel and they have never moved unless I want them to for cleaning. 
My next test will be to putty down my computer monitor! I'm hope I'm not sorry!
Look what pulled up to the site next to us. Very cool and a work in progress.

The front grill and fender was all made out of wood. 
ZAMZOWS  Our rating 5 out of 5

Being from NJ, I never heard of Zamzow's. Wow, what a great place!
Went in for parrot food and $180. later came out with 50#'s of grain free, good quality dog food, a free rolling plastic dog food container, grain free biscuits, a dog toy with extra squeakers, and a cooling mister for myself.
If I bought 2 30# bags of their dog food, they gave us a dog food container FREE! I went for it. Having two dogs that add up to a total of 130#, we can go through dog food fairly quickly. I really wanted that "FREE" container.
Holds about 40#'s of dog food. Wheels so it's easy to get from under the cabinet and latching lead, so nothing spills it the container falls during travel.

The container fits nice and neat in the cabinet below our TV. This is the cabinet that many people have their "fireplaces" installed.
Staff friendly & helpful, great selection of dog & cat items including health items for hot spots, teeth cleaning, etc.
Did not venture into the garden center. I had filled my cart already.
Too bad this store is only in Idaho.

The End of the AffairThe End of the Affair by Graham Greene
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Great narration by Colin Firth. He seemed to get the feel for this depressing diary.
The best way for me to review this book is by simply QUOTING, Elizabeth's review...

"There are books that make you feel inadequate, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, something. Something in you isn't able to see, even distantly, what what makes the book powerful to others. It makes me feel broken.
It made me feel like everyone else has deep, aching emotions that I lack. It made me wonder if I just didn't get it. Am I simply incomplete in some way that this book didn't make me feel anything?

Soooo depressing. This book is following a women's diary and her questioning what is love, hate, love and hate of God, which she questions is there a God? Very deep self searching, which I just couldn't care less about!
Maybe I don't care, because I am happy with my life, who I am and my spiritual or more accurately my lack of spiritual beliefs.

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  1. Great post. We were just discussing about lessening our checklist on "move day", especially the irritating 1 hr move yesterday to get new RV tires and a dump station run. Argghhh.


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