Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We're from NJ, we didn't know!

Boise, ID 83714
Our time in Idaho and being anti-social has come to an end. We will be heading to NV and joining other Cedar Creek RV owners for the International Rally. This is a VERY friendly group and a lot of eating together, hanging out together, etc. We'll make sure to take a shot of 100 proof something, to help us be more social.  Don't get me wrong, we do like these folks, but sometimes it's difficult to be "on" when we like to just be alone.

We have really enjoyed our time in Idaho. We enjoyed Declo and it's quiet, nothing to do, country style. We enjoyed our time with Don & Marsha and 4 wheeling & seeing the beautiful mountains. And we've also enjoyed Boise, even though it was much more crowded & busy. Each has it's own qualities. Idaho could be a state we consider settling in. It's still too early to really think about that, and we'd have to spend more time here and research the pros and cons.

Boise gave us a great send off. We had a beautiful fireworks display right next to the RV park! Next to the RV park is the Boise Fairgrounds & I think a minor league baseball stadium. The fireworks were after the baseball game. Devin wasn't thrilled with the fireworks, and Lyla laid down and ignored the lights. She's deaf so she didn't hear all the booms!

Our walks with the dogs have become limited. You can read why under "Pets". We didn't make it to the dog park either. We certainly are becoming quite lazy.
I think after 7 months of traveling, we are definitely settled into an RV life routine. I now call the RV "home" or "the house".  We both seem to have a general daily routine and the days fly by whether we sit around the site or  go out shopping or sight seeing.
We've been eating out quite a bit. Unfortunately, not healthy eating either.
Since being brought up in NJ, we are used to the "hazards" that may await us while walking the dogs. We do have a terrible deer tick problems, which means Lymes disease is very prevalent. We know to avoid tall grassy areas, but even walking through the woods, it is likely we'll come home with a tick or two. There's also plenty of poison ivy that is best to avoid also. 
But NJ doesn't have poisonous snakes, or scorpions around while walking. So when we hit FL and on from there, we have kept our eyes open for snakes.
We've been walking our dogs along the Boise River Greenbelt, which is a beautiful paved bike trail. Some areas pass beautifully landscaped yards, some areas have been maintained as far as keeping the brush trimmed along the sides of the trail, but there's also parts that are overgrown.
Lyla, our Eng. Setter is a little bit prissy. She prefers to walk on the paved area, while Devin is like "Dennis the Menace" and needs to explore, eat things, jump around in the river, etc.
While giving Devin a quick brushing, I noticed he had a sore foot. Upon closer inspection, it was REALLY SORE, in fact maybe infected. It was swollen and seeping. Sure enough, his other foot was bad also, but not quite as bad as the first. But they were so bad that we felt a vet was needed to give a thorough cleaning, and some antibiotics for the infection. Also, maybe find out what the cause was.

I've read many dog magazines and books. I remember mention of "foxtail" being very dangerous for dogs. But from what I read, that was in California. Check THIS LINK, for a graphic story of one dog's bout with foxtail penetration.
No, we didn't have a problem with foxtail, 
but we did have a problem with "cheatgrass"! What's the difference? Not too much from what I can tell. They are both a Bromus Grass, which is a a tall grassy weed.
The problem with both foxtail and cheatgrass is that they they have tiny barbs that once the point pokes the skin, it just keeps working it's way in because the barbs prevent them from coming out. They keep going deeper and deeper and of course the body knows there's something foreign in there, thus the swelling and infection. It can be bad enough that an operation is needed to get them out.

Cheatgrass awn
Each of these little seeds? easily pull off the above plant and that is what embeds in the skin.
Back to Devin and the invasion of the cheatgrass.  We happened to pass a small veterinary hospital the other day.  I checked them out on YELP. There was only 1 review, but I liked what they said. This office isn't associated with VCA, (I hate VCA). VCA has taken over 500 vet hospitals. They probably help out the vet financially, etc, but then the client is nickled and dimed, (more like 50 dollared) to death for every little item. 
Anyway, Henricks Vet. Hosp. is a small "mom & pop" type hospital. It reminded me our our NJ Vet, Belmar-Wall Veterinary Hospital. The office was homey, not decorated with anything fancy, the examination rooms didn't have the fancy lifting tables, but instead had older kitchen type cabinets with the stainless steel on top for the table. Everything was clean, but it was nice to see they probably help keep costs down, by not renovating. Just like my house, I don't need stainless steel appliances when enamel is fine for me. (On a side note, that is why we were able to retire at 55 and do what we are doing. No fancy upgrades to our house, no new cars, etc.) 
As soon as the vet tech looked at Devin's foot, she said,
"Oh, he got into some cheatgrass!" 
Huh? What's cheatgrass? (Note to P.L.: Why didn't you warn us about this?)
And then our education to Western nasty weeds.
Luckily, Devin was a very good patient and was able to handle the poking of a forceps type instrument, that was literally poked right down the center of each bubble (see paw photo above), and the vet moved it around and grabbed and pulled out and continued, until he found the offending awn. If the vet didn't get results, we would have had to put Devin under anesthesia to get the awns out.
Hopefully, Devin will be feeling better in a day or two, but right now he's not himself. He's not really eating, doesn't want to walk on the grass, laying in bed, etc.
Poor baby.
Henricks Veterinary Hospital
6224 W. State St., Boise, ID 83703
Great staff. Friendly, helpful. Dr. Pesnell did a great job taking cheatgrass out of my dogs paws and explaining what it is and after care. We are from NJ, so have never heard of cheatgrass. He was gentle and considerate of how much discomfort our dog could take.
Also updated both dogs rabies vaccines. Only down side is I wish they gave a bigger break on 2 dogs at one visit. A visit cost $49.50, 2nd dog was $41.00. I think they could have reduced to $25./$30. for 2nd dog during same visit.
I think they had a slow day and we spent 1.5 hours between time with the vet tech. and the vet. So can I really complain? No.
Three items I've never had before...
Fry Sauce: Sort of a mayo/ketchup combo that is served more than ketchup with fries in Idaho.
Steak fingers/Chicken fried Steak: Steak breaded and fried just like fried chicken.
Idaho Potato Ice Cream:  Ice cream in the shape of a potato with topping to look like sour cream/butter.
Westside Drive In on Urbanspoon

Stopped by because of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.
Only outside seating, but there were umbrellas to protect us from the sun.
This place is known for their Prime Rib served on Fridays & Saturdays. An old drive-in joint serving Prime Rib?
Yes and it was delicious.
PRIME RIB: Right up there with the best I've had. Au Jus was delicious! Great to dip bread in.
CORNED BEEF DIP: This was a great sandwich served with swiss cheese melted on great bread. The au jus for this was just fair. Just tasted like beef broth.
MEATLOAF: Very good, we had a meatloaf sandwich and meal.
STEAK FINGERS: I got this for the novelty. Being from NJ, I never heard of them. Heavy breading, but very tasty. I was very surprised that the strips of steak stay so tender and moist. I thought I'd be gnawing at them, but was easy to bite and they broke off easily for nice small bites.
Steak Fingers

FRIES: Average. I think they were sort of like those seasoned type fries.
FRY SAUCE: Seems some pickle juice is added. Nice.
ONION RINGS: Very average. Seemed like they were just the frozen breaded type.
IDAHO POTATO ICE CREAM: Again, had to try for the novelty. Does look like a real baked potato. Was basically just vanilla ice cream in the shape of a potato, with "Hershey's" type chocolate sauce and some CRAP on top to look like sour cream. I was very surprised that real whipped cream wasn't used. Instead there was some greasy stuff on top.
Idaho Potato Ice Cream

SHAKES: Delicious!!!! One day the special was a blueberry shake. The large for the price of a medium. Delicious shake with REAL blueberries.  Also had a chocolate malt and a B&W malt. All EXCELLENT.
We liked the Prime Rib so much, we went back the next day to enjoy all over again.
Would return for many great items, but would also stay away from many items.

Bob's Sunshine Cafe on Urbanspoon
We ate breakfast here twice. First time we almost didn't. It was Father's Day and it was packed! Kids crying, kids sucking on the ketchup bottles, a few well behaved kids with their Dad, but overall very noisy. No fault of the restaurant. In fact, that shows that it is liked enough to bring Dads here on their special day. The second time we went, what a difference. Much quieter. Whether busy or normal, the wait staff was friendly and very willing to please.
COFFEE: Pretty bad. Not horrible. I usually drink coffee black, but HAD to add cream & sugar to make it good enough to drink (not enjoy).

FARMER'S PLATTER BREAKFAST: Diced ham, chopped bacon, country sausage, onions & green peppers atop golden hash browns. Topped with Cheddar cheese & 2 eggs. Very good. The hash browns are shredded potatoes, which needed a little more browning, but otherwise and very good breakfast.
COUNTRY PLATTER BREAKFAST: Big chunks of chicken fried steak & grilled onions, atop golden hash browns, smothered in sausage gravy. Topped with 2 eggs. Excellent!!!
PANCAKES: Good, but nothing special.
DENVER OMELET: Diced ham sauteed with onions and green peppers. Topped with Cheddar cheese.Very good.
GIANT CINNAMON ROLL: Excellent. Not quite as gooey as Cinnabon, but fresh, full of cinnamon, with thin white icing drizzled and a huge pat of butter on top. So large, Scott & I split it.


  1. Poor Devin! I hope he is feeling better soon. I need to do some research and see where these plants are found. We are in Texas. I am from Missouri and I am not familiar with it either.

  2. I sure hope Devin feels better, Deb. Just hate it when our furbabies are hurting. xoxo from Shakey, Simba, and Abby


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