Sunday, June 24, 2012


Verdi, NV 89439

Site #58, $28.17/day (group discount)
+SITES: Long sites for large RV's, paved, but uneven. Gravel with a 12'x12' patch of nice grass.
+LAUNDRY: Fairly clean. Washers could have been cleaned a little better. 2012: $1.50 wash/dry.
+PETS: Pets welcome. Poop bags provided at multiple dumpsters.
-WIFI: Pay at site, free at office.
+SPRINT INTERNET: Worked great, 5 bars, 3G
+AT&T PHONE: 5 bars
+BOOK EXCHANGE: There is a nice selection of books and room for more in the office/lounge area. There are book shelves on either side of the fireplace. Nice lounge area with comfy couches and WiFi hook ups.
+POOL: I normally don't include this, but since I had to pass it to get to the laundry, I'll include it. Nice sized pool, clean and also a hot tub.
This park is within walking distance of the casino, Sierra Cafe Restaurant, Jack in the Box, gas station, convenience store. We are actually right off the highway, but we don't really see or hear the traffic noise.

This park is right on the border of NV/CA
When we walk the dogs around the outskirts of the park, we are in California! The pink line above is the state border. Do you think we're cheating if we fill in our travels map to include California? Our RV isn't there, but...
This week is the Annual International Rally for the Cedar Creek RV Owners Club (CCRVOC).  There are 26 rigs gathering. This is a great group of people.
Friendly, but they give you your space.
Helpful with RV mods, upgrades, repairs, etc.: We weren't here 3 hrs and we saw a group of guys with their heads in the hood of a truck engine compartment and their butts sticking out to the ladies. Sorry, it was not a sexy sight.

Last June (2011), the rally was held near Lancaster, PA. At that time we were still living in our house in NJ. This rally was only 3 hours away. What a great opportunity for our "maiden voyage".
This group has a forum and I posted that this would be our first time setting up and staying in the RV. I invited all to come and watch Scott park and level, so they could have a good laugh. (Oh, I'm sooo mean!) Ended up, we had a pull through site, but we did need to level. At that time, I had no clue as to the concept of leveling. Lee was the first to come over and he was great. He watched, but didn't make fun nor offer to do it for us. He just watched and made sure we were doing ok.
So now a year later, with another CCRVOC rally in November in SC under our belt, we are here together again in NV, participating in our 3rd CCRVOC rally. We are much more experienced, having been full timing for almost a year now. Our responsibilities  lessened, with having sold our house. Ahhhh, this is the life.
If any of our blog readers are Cedar Creek RV owners, I would encourage you to join us. Here is the CCRVOC WEBSITE.
Activities for this week include,
Hors d'oeuvres get together
Boiled omelet breakfast
Early bird brown bag (bring your own) dinner
Pot Luck dinner
Boat Cruise
Casino buffet dinner
Members' dinner provided by the club.
Waffle breakfast (Mmm, Mmmm, Good!)
Open house: we get to look in everyone's RV if their door is open. This is a great way to get ideas for storage, improvement, modifications, etc.
As you can see by our "activities", most are centered on FOOD!
It has been horribly windy here since we arrived 3 days ago. This is supposedly very unusual, but it really
S-U-C-K-S! To put it bluntly. The sun is shining, the temp is between 65-70°, but the damned wind does not give up! We can't put our setter flags out... we can't put our name sign out... the hanging basket of petunias is really becoming damaged from the constant wind blowing on it. You know how you rotate a plant by a window, so all sides eventually get sun? Well, I have to rotate my flower pot, to give ease to the sides from constant wind damage.  The RV is shaking, our slide out awning covers are rippling. We can't keep our chairs out, because they'll blow away. We are spending a lot of time inside, enjoying the sun and the heat of the sun from our large windows.
Just a little side note about RV Life-It is very difficult to find cans of seltzer in the West. I don't really drink soda, I am mainly a water drinker, but once in a while I really want some carbonation, and a seltzer hits the spot.  I can find bottles of seltzer, but 12 ounce cans are a rare find. Sigh...
Devin's paw is getting better. He had a slight relapse, so Scott soaked it in water with Epsom salt and Benadine. Then Scott inspected the foot, squeezed here and there and pop! Another cheatgrass awn appeared and Scott pulled it out. Devin was a trooper. Just laid there and let Scott do what was needed.
At his worst

Much better, just one spot
Devin is now playing with his toys again too!
When we went to the vet last week, we had Lyla weighed. She's got a weight problem just like Mom!  We are both hypothyroid and we are both overweight. Lyla weighed in at 70 pounds!!! Tsk Tsk! She should be about 55-60 pounds at the most! And her Mom weighs in at....well, we won't go there.  But Mom is overweight also!
Gold Ranch on Urbanspoon

This is a Denny's type restaurant inside the Gold Ranch Casino. Friendly staff, large restaurant.
CHEESE QUESADILLAS with Chicken: Very good. I was a little surprised that the flour tortilla had some herbs in it. At first I wasn't sure I liked it, since I was expecting just a plain tortilla. But once I accepted it, it was a nice added touch. A combo of 2 or 3 cheeses with sparse chunks of chicken.
HAMBURGER STEAK: (Similar to Salisbury Steak) The meat was average, but the sauteed onions and mushrooms that were generously covering the "steak" was delicious.
ONION RINGS: Average+. If I was in the mood for onion rings, I'd order again, but would not go there specifically for the rings.
Over all and decent , inexpensive place. Even cheaper if you get a free "player's card" in the casino. Then you get discounted meals.


  1. Sounds like a very nice place to visit.

    Poor Devin! I hope he is feeling all better soon. It looks so painful.

  2. Gah! I just looked up "Cheatgrass" (had no clue). That stuff looks sharp and nasty. Poor doggy.

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