Monday, June 25, 2012

Grapefruit Martini!

Verdi, NV 89439
Laundry day: Laundry: no big deal. Camp laundries have been fine so far. Only average about $10. a month. The worst part of doing laundry is folding and putting away the clothes. That's the same whether you go to a laundromat or launder at home. I wouldn't want to "waste" precious space in the RV for a washer and dryer.

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Our rating 4 out of 5.

This is a great place to bring a date, as long as it's not crowded. I loved the cozy atmosphere, with couches around the fireplace, a couple of booths and a few tables. This is not a big place, but has a log cabin cozy feel.
DRINKS: Hubby had a  Bloody Mary which was EXCELLENT. Just enough spice, with some spice I couldn't pick out. Garnished with pickled string bean, & olives. I had a Grapefruit Martini. DOUBLE EXCELLENT!!! Smooth, refreshing, can't really taste the alcohol but can feel it. This is made with real fresh squeezed pink grapefruit. I'd go back for that alone.
POTSTICKERS: Average. Nice dipping sauce.
CRABCAKES: Very good.  Not loaded with crab but the flavor was really good.
RIBS: Not Texas bbq, but above par for restaurant ribs that don't specialize in ribs.
CAESAR SALAD with Chicken: Very good.
BANANA SASQUATCH: Fair. Was sort of like Bananas Foster, but the vanilla ice cream was horrible. Also disappointed that the whipped "cream" on top was greasy fake stuff.
Waitress was terrific.
Bananas Sasquatch

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  1. $10 a MONTH?? for laundry...I excel at the sniff test and re-wearing clothes, but we are spending $30+ per...


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