Monday, August 27, 2012

18 years!

AUGUST 27, 1994

After dating for 1.5 years and living together 8 months of that time, we made it legal. We were 38 (Scott) and 37 (Deb) at the time of our marriage. I had lots of fun in the 80's (DISCO!!) and early 90's. Dated a lot, learned to be very independent.  I "sowed my wild oats" and finally when I was read to settle down, I found a sweet, sweet, man with no ties to a former marriage or children. He also didn't want children as I didn't either. So why get married? Mainly to please our parents, to yes, make it legal in case anything should happen to either of us. A girlfriend/boyfriend would have no rights in case of some medical situation etc.

I laughed for almost 10 minutes when Scott proposed with champagne and strawberries. Poor Scott didn't know what to think.  My laughing was from nerves! I've been single so long and afraid of commitment, but yet I knew I wanted to spend my life with Scott. FINALLY, after I got control of myself, I said "yes."

At the wedding ceremony, held in our back yard, I cried and cried! The mayor officiating the ceremony actually had to stop and ask if I was ok! I was so scared. Not so much of the commitment, but knowing that I am taking Scott's heart into my hands and I could break it if this marriage didn't work out. I was overwhelmed by my responsibility for his precious "heart". We finally got through the I do's and it's been a wonderful marriage ever since. Not very many fights at all.

We mostly have the same views of most subjects, like to do the same things, etc.  Below is a congratulations I received from my Dad this morning.

Hi Deb & Scott,
Eighteen years! Yes, eighteen years Scott has endured Deb's strange moods. ;) winking where we remember only maybe 5 or 6 years.
Eighteen years Deb has enjoyed Scott's wonderful traits, his love & affection, :x lovestruckskills, self control, etc, etc.
Yes, guys, you have been married for eighteen wonderful years-congratulations!
 Love, Mom & Dad 

The dress was actually like a pants suit. It looked like a dress but was actually two billowy legs, so I could ride the motorcycle.
Back row left to right:
Beverly, Maid of Honor - Debbie, Bride - Scott, Groom
Front row left to right:
Bobby (nephew), ring bearer - Amanda (niece), flower girl - Rose (niece), bridesmaid

Yep, typical teenager...Rose was about 14 when she was a bridesmaid. Looks happy to be there, huh?
I made (sewed) all the girls' outfits. They were also one piece pants suits/jumpsuits.



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