Saturday, August 25, 2012

Precious Health

Bear, DE 19701

We were at Lums pond last year in July. It was so hot then, that I never exlored the park or found Lums Pond! This time the weather cooperated somewhat and one morning it was a comfortable 70° and the grass was still wet and freshly cut. I finally found the pond. There is a rustic trail around this tangled shaped pond. Many fingers extending out. At the trailhead is a bright yellow sign stating that walking along the trail around the pond will take 3-4 hours. I suppose people have started out and not realized what they got themselves into. I'll stick with walking around the campground.
Lots of recycling at the campground. They recycle just about, plastic, corrugated cardboard, thin cardboard (cereal boxes, etc.), tin, aluminum, oil, batteries...

While here we were able to spend an evening with long time friends from Delaware and spent a couple of days with Scott's parents. Our time with his parents was bittersweet. It was wonderful to see them again after 10 months, but difficult to leave also. They are up there in years and you just never know how much time... Dealing with the mixed feelings after leaving them is a work in progress. We are voluntarily leaving them and not knowing when we'll return. We feel guilty because their time is probably limited and we have chosen to not stay near. But on the other hand, this is an opportunity for us to experience now. Scott's parents may be seniors, but just because we are younger, you never know what could happen to cause us to stop this life.  My feeling is we have to grab this opportunity while we can. I am so thankful that Scott and I are healthy and able to enjoy our travels.  I suppose I take my health for granted, since I've gained so much weight and rarely exercise. Maybe this visit to Mom & Dad Buskirk will be a "wake up" call for me to take better care of myself. Scott's parents are in their 80's and until recently have been active and fairly healthy.  If I don't start taking better care of my body, I won't be getting around very well if I even make 80.
Stay tuned, to see if that little kick in the ass I just gave myself works.

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  1. Well said. Cancer runs like the flu in our family, hence the early retirement. On this journey I am often reminded of Tim McGraw's song--"Live Like You Were Dying". But yes, very tough decision saying good-bye NOT knowing of a return date.


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