Monday, September 3, 2012

Cuts and Bruises

Rutherfordton, NC 28139
So we've been workamping for just over a week. We don't NEED to work, but we really love the owners of this campground and they depend on their volunteers to keep it running smoothly.
***They are looking for a few volunteers this fall to help rake leaves. 
I believe you will get your site free in exchange for 2 hours of volunteer work per day, 5 days a week.
***Four Paws Kingdom is also looking for volunteers next season. Minimum 2 month stay, but of course would love a longer commitment. 
Again, usually just 2 hours a day. This campground is for adults and their dogs. So the bathrooms are 99% of the time very easy to keep clean, usually the woman's job.  The men usually do the yard work.  Very easy people to work with.  You may work more on some weekends that have big events.
I must admit, both Scott & I are tired. It may only be 2-3 hours work a day, but we have been a whole year since really doing any real work.  Our fulltime RV lifestyle is very lazy. We get up naturally. For me, it can be anywhere from 4am - 8am. For Scott it usually means around 10am.
About the only exercise/work we usually do is walk/hike or bike with the dogs & clean the outside of the RV. Other than that, life has been easy and lazy.
Now since we are workamping, we were having to start at 9am. That's no problem for me, but poor Scott...Well, now we are starting at 10am. Which Scott can handle easily, although I still have to wake Scott up at 9am so he'll be ready.
This isn't a large park (about 40 sites), but with working, we need to go back and forth throughout the park, so we have been using our bicycles to get around. There are a couple of slight hills that give us a short burst of a workout. For anyone in shape, this hill would be probably just considered an incline and not given a second thought. Hopefully, by the end of our three month stay here, we'll be calling it an incline and not a hill.
Our one week work report is that I must be a klutz. I have cuts and bruises all over.  The bruises, I don't know how I got them. But I sliced my finger while doing dishes.  Meik (owner) is a real chef and has a professionally equipped kitchen wagon. He caters quite a few meals on weekends for the guests. We, as work volunteers get to clean up after his delicious masterpieces. So I had dish washing duty in the deep sink. I placed utensils in the sudsy water and then proceed to swish my hands around the bottom, looking for those utensils. YIKES! A stinging sensation.  I recognize that sensation. I cut my finger on one of the large chef's knives. Meik is always sharpening those dangerous knives. 
I lift my hand out of the water and see blood dripping and dripping and dripping. That's enough. Get me a towel before we have to clean up the whole bloody kitchen!  I don't want to look! I'm bleeding through the paper towel. Now I'm bleeding through the bandage. Still haven't looked. I don't want to get stitches. If I don't look, then I won't have to go to the emergency...right? I wrap some more gauze around it and switch from washing dishes to drying dishes. 
When I get back to the RV, I get the courage to look with Scott's moral support.  Yep, still bleeding, but it won't need stitches! Yeah!!!! I sliced part of my nail off and skinned my finger. So although not deep, it is very sensitive and I'll have to keep it padded and bandaged. 
Now my second cut is across the bridge of my nose. I was putting a mattress liner on a, what else, a mattress. While pulling it over the corner, my hand slipped and I punched myself in the nose.  Thumb first, so the thumbnail hit the bridge of my nose and sliced across. Looked like I had a uni-brow!
Maybe I'm just out of practice doing real work. Hopefully, that will be the end of my "injuries".
Scott has been using our COBB GRILL quite a bit lately. 
Our favorite and "go to" meal for the Cobb is to roast/smoke a chicken. We cut up potatoes and other veggies and put them in the moat surrounding the chicken. Oh----my----gosh-----DELICIOUS!
For you "breast men", sorry about the butt shot of the chicken.

The sprinkle of rosemary on the chicken was from, Shirley's or really her husband's garden in NJ. Thank you!
RV MOD: Not really much of a mod. I brought ONE houseplant along from NJ. Simply because I think the plant is unique, the pot is a beautiful hand crafted pot from Georgia and I have a cute English Setter plant stick that I would have no where to put if I didn't have a plant!
I was told this is an "Irish Prayer Plant", but I cannot find anything on the internet, so I think the person who gave me the plant, just liked that name for it.  The leaves do close up at night, like a regular prayer plant, so maybe it is in the same general family.
**update 09/12/12: Thank you CJ, from IT'S A COZY LIFE Blog, who commented below and stated that this may be a SHAMROCK PLANT.  I googled and sure enough, that is what it is. It is actually considered a grass.


  1. Never thought workkamping would require a Workmen's Comp program...we look fwd to doing something similar soon, just got to find the right oppty....ENJOY being parked and give the big dogs a hug for me!

  2. You can get a ton of food in that Cobb grill ca't you?...I'm thinking a great purchase maybe for us. And I think that is a shamrock plant..I've had tons of them. Red ones, stripped ones, green ones. The part I love is it grows from tiny tubers, like potatoes. So if it starts to look yellow, weak, and not much growth. Tear off the stems, dig up the tubers and break in half and bury back in some fresh soil, then keep moist. They live forever and bring good luck :O)

  3. Hi ya! Remember us from Santa Fe? We're enjoying keep track of your travels and learning about Four Paws Kingdom ~ hope to get there someday ourselves, either as visitors or workampers. Thanks for writing so much about it ~ hope our paths cross again!


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