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TMI: Bras, Teats & a Quickie

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What were you thinking?????
Oops, I meant Bras and Treats! Got your attention though, didn't I? 
Just a quickie post since I've been so busy WORKING.  

Looking over some of my blog draft notes, I'll just touch on a couple of  "filler" subjects. No, not filler as in foam padding or falsies for a bigger bra cup size as the above subject line may lead you to think. Just subjects I jot down in case life gets boring and I have nothing to thrill my blog followers with. I can pick out a couple of items to quickly fill a blog post. Blogging takes quite a bit of time if you add links on the subjects/items discussed.
BRAS: Be forewarned, this may be TMI (too much information) for some of you.
Some history. Why am I telling the public about my boob history? Because posting on a blog doesn't FEEL like it's public. It just feels like a journal. Sort of like credit cards...when you charge something, no cash is exchanging hands, so it doesn't FEEL like you are spending money. At least with a blog, if I regret what I posted, I can delete it.  No, I do no have a credit card problem. I pay off my credit card in full every month, so no interest is paid.
At age 12, I was into a real "cup" bra. Not those silly training bras that were just flat pieces of stretch fabric like my fellow 12 yr old girls wore. 
In 7th grade, a boy yelled to me "Can I twist your knobs?" I smacked him upside the head! He left me alone after that. "Friends" wrote in my 6th grade yearbook, things like "you're really built" and "to the mountains", etc. That was in only 6th grade!

By the age of 14, I was a DD! Being only 5'3 and short waisted, I was all boobs from the waist up.  Back in the 70's, there were no pretty large sized bras. Just white, "old lady" bras. I hated it! My nickname in high school was "Boz" for big bazooms!

At 22, I was working for the US Postal Service and had a good health plan and a wonderful, understanding boyfriend, Ozzie. He knew how I felt about my breasts. He suggested a breast reduction. Done! Down to a petite B cup. Loved it, never regretted my decision.

Present day: I've gained weight and that includes in my breasts. I've got big boobs again and hate it. (Well, maybe if you lost some weight you dumb ass they'd shrink too!) Although, now in 2012, there is a large variety of pretty large cup bras, I no longer care. I want comfort over style. Which leads me to my review of the GENIE BRA.
My rating 3 out of 5
I purchased this bra at Walmart for $9.99. Great price for a bra, but then maybe you get what you pay for.
This bra is all elastic and soft. 
Definitely NOT a pretty bra. I bought the flesh color.
This bra is definitely comfortable and gives me enough (not great) support.  I will sacrifice great support for great comfort.
I am now a D size breast. If any guys have read this far, don't get too excited. They are old lady D size. Ewww! Breasts only a husband can love, or like, or well learn to appreciate.
I bought an XL and it fill well, if maybe a little tight around the base.
It doesn't do much shaping. No torpedo breasts, but does anyone really like that look? Not a lot of lift either. Enough lift that my "girls" are not visiting my waist. 
The shaping is definitely a "natural" look, which personally, I kind of like. It looks and feels almost, as if I'm braless...almost.
I don't think this is a bra for a young person, simply because it is ugly and a high rise, meaning this bra covers most of your cleavage. But for me, a secure woman in her 50's who's not trying to impress, I like it. Comfort with enough support was my goal. Genie bra delivered.
**update 09/13/12: Not sure if I mentioned that this is a one piece bra, so no hooks to help the girls fall into the bra easier. But, on a review, I saw mentioned to step into  the bra and it's easier to put on rather than over the head and squishing your arms through. That person was correct. I now put me feel through the opening, slide it up the bod and very easy to slip on the straps. Now I love this bra even more!
My dogs love these. They are easy to break in half for smaller treats. All good ingredients. I may have to try some of their other treats and the grain free for Devin.

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