Sunday, September 23, 2012

Banana Pancakes

Rutherfordton, NC 28139
Not much going on except the wonderful change in the weather!!!!! Last week we had quite a bit of rain which seemed to help cool down the temps here in North Carolina. Today I actually wore a long sleeved shirt and was comfortable. 
I'm relaxing outside in my canvas chair with attached foot rest, with the laptop in my ....what else... LAP, as I enter another exciting, well maybe only interesting, well maybe only filling up space blog post. Maybe by the time I finish my glass of wine, my writing will blossom.
Scott made breakfast this morning. His first time making banana pancakes. Since I love banana pancakes, he asked me how to add the bananas. Should he slice and just put on top? Slice and mix in batter? Dice and mix in batter? Mush and incorporate into the batter? I said slice and mix in batter. Well he decided to dice and mix in batter. And why did he ask for my opinion?? After enjoying the pancakes even though they weren't to my preference,  Scott felt there wasn't enough banana taste. (Hate to say I told you so, but...) He will be experimenting again.

What are your suggestions for how to add the bananas for Banana Pancakes?
I like them sliced and mixed in because you get chunks of banana taste and it still tastes like a regular pancake.  The sliced bananas soften up when the pancake is cooked and then after adding syrup onto the pancakes, there is a slight resemblance to BANANAS FOSTER!

Workamp: We continue to workamp. The bathrooms still need cleaning, the grass still needs cutting, the doggies still poop, so poop cans still need to be cleaned, etc. Like I've said before 2-3 hours of work for a free site and generous electric allowance is a good deal. We are saving a hell of a lot of money right now.

Workamp Crafts: I enjoyed sewing the curtains for the RV rental. Unfortunately, I talked them out of having me sew more curtains for the last RV rental unit. The blinds and curtains in their looked really nice. No need to fix what aint broke. But of course, I opened my mouth and said doggie print curtains would look so much cuter than plain yellow curtains that are presently in the cabins. Soooo, I will be sewing some updated curtains for the cabins. Yeah! I will also probably be finishing off some neck soother pillows that Birgit started, but hasn't gotten around to finishing. Because Birgit does not enjoy sewing and I do, and have been enthusiastically finishing the sewing projects, she gifted me with some doggie fabric she had. She had pulled out a who slew of different fabric and I was immediately drawn to the fabric with brown and black dogs and some greenery. Upon closer look, that is a Setter on that fabric! The colors will go great in our RV. Thank you Birgit for the Setter fabric!!!!

Workamp Nature: Who needs to go hiking when I can see all kinds of wildlife right here at Four Paws while I'm working!
As I walk out of the RV to head to our morning meeting for assignment, I see a beautiful butterfly.
While sweeping the dog grooming area (yes Four Paws has 2 grooming tables for your convenience), I see this chunky fellow and he refuses to move. I just sweep around him.
While sweeping the deck I see

The only wildlife I can identify fully is the last. That is a Blue Tailed Skink! Of course I had to google search to figure that out. The tail is blue to throw off predators. The predators will go for the obvious bright blue tail.  The Skink can live without and regenerate the tail. But if it's head were blue, then he'd be a goner!

Scanning memories:
Still scanning photographs. Any idea what this is a photo of below???
That's a photo of ME! I'm very photogenic, don't you think? I worked for the Post Office for 32 years. This is during my first few few years at the "annex". I worked midnights. This is how I spent my lunch 1/2 hour.
Pumpkin Roll: Back when we were in NJ (specifically Pennsville) in August, my sweet hubby (who has not mentioned my weight gain from age 50 to present), picked up an ARIANNA'S PUMPKIN ROLL  for "us", mostly me. We've had some delicious Pumpkin Whoopie Pies while in PA and in ME, so we were hoping to have our expectations met...and they were. Absolutely delicious!!!!!

It was a pumpkin sponge cake, so it was not very dense. But perfect combo of spices and sweetness. The cream cheese icing swirled inside was thick, not too sweet and enough cream cheese that you could really taste that it was in there. I hate to even mention this, but there was almost ALMOST, too much icing. I would love to have a slice right now. Unfortunately, they only distribute somewhat locally and are located in New Holland, PA. For anyone in PA, their site states this can be found at Redner's and Stauffer's.

Breakfast sausage: Besides Banana Pancakes, Scott also cooked up some JIMMY DEAN FULLY COOKED MAPLE BREAKFAST SAUSAGE LINKS. 
I can see me craving these. I plan to make a "PLATE LUNCH", well, more of a "plate breakfast"with this sausage. While vacationing in Hawaii, we discovered the local joints that served the popular "Plate Lunches". This usually consists of a pile of white rice, with some kind of sausage or spam and another meat all in a Styrofoam container. I will be filling a bowl with basmati rice, pieces of this breakfast sausage, a couple of over easy eggs and maybe a drizzle of maple syrup. Yum!
BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. –  A beagle named Brandi survived a 70-foot fall from a New Jersey bridge.
The dog got away from its owner during a walk along the Burlington Riverfront Promenade Friday night.
Bridge officer Rob Bittner saw Brandi walking up the Burlington-Bristol Bridge toward Pennsylvania.
Bittner tells The Courier-Post of Cherry Hill he turned on his emergency lights to slow traffic and followed the dog. Bittner says Brandi was doing fine until she got to the top of the span and her paws felt a steel grate.
The officer says Brandi jumped into the Delaware River as motorists tried to grab her.
The beagle's owner recovered her and took her to a veterinarian. Brandi was bruised around the abdomen, but didn't have any broken bones.Read more:


  1. I say mush the banana's into a paste and make it part of the pancake batter.

  2. Mmmm... pumpkin roll. We are in Central PA right now and a friend of mine served us Pumpkin Roll for dessert the other night... and I AM IN LOVE! I don't think it was the name brand you mentioned but it was so good!

  3. I say anything PUMPKIN.....we put it in our smoothies with cinnamon, walnut, pumpkin seeds, etc too, right out of the can. As for pancakes...diced works for me in the batter, but love to melt some butter, add some brown sugar and then bananas for my syrup. Liking the scan pic...I might have to borrow that idea when I get on the road and start the scanning many great old pics! What a great workamping gig!!

  4. I haven't looked at this, because I don't cook, haha, but, came across it today -



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