Monday, September 24, 2012

Fun at Four Paws Kingdom RV Park!

Rutherfordton, NC 28139
Four Paws Kingdom Activies: 
We are not only workamping, we are also campers. So we do enjoy the activities offered here at Four Paws Kingdom. 
We have taken advantage of the  Dog Bath House. 
This tiled room is located at the Bath House, next to the laundry. The doggie bath house consists of a large step in tub with a hand held shower nozzle for the large dogs. For the small dogs, the tub is at waist height also with a hand held shower nozzle. Shampoo is available at the camp store if needed. Four paws does ask that you mop up afterward with the sponge mop provided.

We have used the small but CLEAN laundry room.  Only 2 washers and 2 dryers, but have not had a problem getting a washer or dryer.

We've participated in a few pot luck dinners. Even though there aren't many campers right now, we've enjoyed the intimate group at the pot luck and there is always an abundance of food. This past weekend was a "Comfort Food" pot luck. I made a 5 pound bag of mashed potatoes and Scott made Chicken and Dumplings. There was also 
Beef stew with delicious gravy (thank you Sharon) to go along with my mashed potatoes.
SAIGON SUB made as a lettuce wrap instead of a sub (thank you Bridget) This was unique and absolutely delicious.
A linguine dish, a tortellini dish, waldorf salad, a boston creme deep dish type desert and cookies. 
Plenty of food for all.

I was talked into taking Beginner Agility Lessons. I'm lazy and don't feel like having to train Devin, but it IS GOOD FOR HIM (and me), so he'll be more attentive to us.

Of course we use the doggie park (1 of 8 parks) daily. Devin plays very well with Whippet mix, Doris.

There is a kiddie pool in the big dog park and the little dog park. Devin LOVES to lay in the pool and cool off.
So besides pot lucks, doggie play dates, agility training, I've also participated what was supposed to be Dog Bandanna Painting, but ended up being T-shirt stain disguise painting. How I got so many stains on my "good t-shirt", I just don't know.
Above is fellow workamper, Pat. She has been workamping at Four Paws for a almost 2 years!!! They will sadly be leaving at the end of the season for new adventures. Yep, she has lots of stains on her shirt too!
Below is the  cover up, although not ALL of the painting is covering stains. Some painting is artistic genius.
You can never have enough paw prints.
My wrist tatoo.
Over Labor Day, Four Paws catered a BBQ dinner for $14.00 (included for workampers). Some of the menu items were smoked pulled pork, home made "Grandma's" potato salad, scratch biscuits and desert.

Workampers & owners working together

Unfortunately, our pets are not invited to these dinners, so Devin was "starving" at home waiting for us to feed him.
And finally, after all our activities, Meik and Birgit arranged for a rainbow to show up over the campground.

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