Monday, September 24, 2012

One blog leads to another, and another, and...

Rutherfordton, NC 28139
I love Google and so many of it's features. 

1: I  use Google's PICASA photo organizing and editing program. GEEKS ON TOUR (fellow RV'rs) are experts in Picasa and have many tutorials and tips for getting the most out of Picasa.
2: Google TRANSLATE is also a nice program. I have used it a number of times and I definitely get the idea of what is going on.
3: Google PLUS is still a work in progress and hasn't quite caught on. It is trying to be like a Facebook type site. I don't understand how to use Facebook, but I don't understand Google Plus either, but I'm signed up just to show my support.
4: Google EARTH, is ESSENTIAL to my volunteer work I do for A&B ENG SETTER RESCUE. I find volunteers to conduct home visits/checks for potential adopters. We adopt just about all over the USA and some parts of Canada. I "pin" all my contacts at their address. When I need help in a certain area, I search that address and all my contacts in the area show up.
I also add places I'd like to visit on our RV adventure. Then I'll put where we are now and I can see any places that may be nearby that I want to visit.
Scott uses Google Earth to check out the RV park BEFORE we arrive, so he will know how to maneuver the RV locally and into the park.  He can also see if the RV park is wooded or a "parking lot".
5: Google MAIL is my email service. Very rarely is there a problem with it. They have a great Spam Filter. I can separate my emails into folders for crafts, personal, rescue work, etc. Within Google Mail there is also a feature of Google TALK, which is a Chat program. My friend Pete in Florida surprises me every once in a while with a window popping up and his adorable face showing up wanting to talk. I have yet to use my built in camera and microphone on my new laptop to chat. I've only chatted, via "instant messenger" type where you have to type back & forth.
5: Google DOCS, now called Google Drive. I like Docs, I don't understand Drive yet.  In Google Docs I can keep Excel type spreadsheets and share or not. I use spreadsheets for my rescue work and can share with select other rescue volunteers. You can also open all kinds of documents in Google Docs, even if you don't have that particular program.
6: Google CALENDAR is another must have for me. I can get email reminders (essential) for bill paying, chores, maintenance, events, etc.  Also different categories can be color labeled and specific calendars can be shared. I share our RV Itinerary calendar, which is labeled in green, with Scott, although he doesn't utilize it.
5: Of course I love Google's BLOGGER, for enabling me to publish a blog with ease and FREE. 
4: Google READER I use EVERY DAY and multiple times a day. Which leads me to my post title, "One blog leads to another, and another, and..."

If you've been following my blog, you know I've been scanning our photographs. While waiting for the scan, I'm finally catching up on the multiple blogs I may be interested in.  Although I may want to keep up with the blogs, I may not be ready for the commitment of actually signing up to follow their blog. That is how Google Reader comes in handy.  I can subscribe without getting emails or showing up as a "follower". Once I read a few posts, then I decide if I want to "follow". Not all blogs are as great as FLIP FLOP VECTOR or IT'S A COZY LIFE or WHEELING IT. There are many great blogs, but although I have subscribed on Google Reader, I haven't gotten to reading them yet, but they are all snug and organized waiting for me to give those blogs my full attention hopefully soon.
I could not even attempt to keep track of all the blogs I'm interested in if not for Google Reader. You read one blog and you see what that blogger follows, which makes you looks at those blogs, and it keeps going and going.
Sometimes it's difficult to figure out how to subscribe a blog to Google Reader. I have found the perfect solution. Under Google Reader, go to "settings" in the upper right corner, then "reader settings", then "goodies". Half way down that page is "subscribe while you surf". Now I have bookmark at the top of my screen in the bookmark bar. I can now drag the blog icon to the bookmark and it will subscribe easily.
We've been making friends along the way. We've met fellow bloggers, we've met English Setter adopters from our rescue, we've reunited with long ago friends and NJ friends. So speaking of friends...
Staying for 3 months in one place makes it easier to develop a friendship, or who to avoid. Luckily, here at Four Paws, we haven't found the need to avoid anyone. Only maybe certain not so friendly dogs.
We've made friends with our fellow workampers Don & Pat, and of course our "bosses", Meik & Birgit. Although I have Meik & Birgit's names correct, I had to go back through my blog posts to correct Meik's name spelling errors. I was formerly spelling it Miek...WRONG. Meik....correct. And FYI, to make it easy on us American's they introduce themselves as "Mike and Brigit" for our convenience.
A few "regulars" and "seasonal" RV'rs we've also gotten to know.
I am TERRIBLE with names, so if you read this and it's YOU I mess up, let me apologize NOW.

"I'm sorry for having a terrible memory, and not being considerate enough to make the effort to remember." 

There is the nice couple (not a couple), that we call "The Sisters". I have no clue what their names are, but I'm sure I'll remember after this blog is read. They have 2 Yorkies, are very nice and were in the cooking class with Scott.
The other couple (yes a couple), we call "The Girls". I know one of "The Girls" is Sharon. Sharon was in cooking class with Scott. The other half of "The Girls", is I think, Marion, but it could be Miriam or something similar. Of course I remember their dog's name...DORIS! These two crazy ladies have been full timing with their 45-50 pound dog in an itty bitty CASITA for almost 2 years!
The whole reason for writing about new made friends, is because "The Girls" took a day trip to ASHEVILLE, NC and brought us back an itty bitty gift with a huge amount of flavor.
Oh be still my high cholesterol arteries beating heart. 
No it wasn't empty. I just ate the two rich chocolate truffles before I thought to take a picture. Which leads to
I may be taking a day trip to Asheville with my parents, so I'll better be able to rate these truffles.
From the 2 I had, this is a wonderful chocolate shop. According to the description, the truffles are filled with a GANACHE. Smooth, rich and delicious.
Thank you Sharon & Marion.


  1. Hey thanks for the "goodies" hint in the reader! I am so close to needing an "no more blogs" intervention! My daily work hours are getting less and less...if they only knew - ecks!!! Nice empty wrapper shot!

  2. Please elevate your favorite bloggers' standards.

    CEO Flip Flop Vector

  3. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for a great Google post.


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