Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Best time of the year!

Rutherfordton, NC 28139
Absolutely beautiful autumn day. Temperature in the mid 50's. Sun shining, no wind. A great day to spend outside...which I did.

I have become quite lazy/sedentary while RV'ing. I'm very disappointed in myself. The only good side to that is, I feel very comfy, cozy in our 5th wheel. It is our "Home Sweet  Home".

And now since getting my laptop instead of desktop computer, I can be on the computer in bed or in my oh so comfy recliner.When I can get the dogs off them!

I could make it sound like I'm more active...
Claim: I do agility with my dog.
Reality: I have a once a week beginner class which does not require running around the agility field.            
Claim: I hike through the woods.
Reality: The trail might be a mile...maybe and I've only done it once since we arrived in August.
Claim: I ride my bike daily.
Reality: I ride my bike to and from the office or my work assignment area, a couple of times a day. It is a 2 minute ride, maybe 4 times a day.
Maybe seeing this in writing will give me some incentive to be more active. I NEED to become more active for my health. 
Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. When we had to purge items from our home, I had more boxes of Halloween decorations than Christmas decorations.  I parted with most of my holiday decorations, except kept about 4 boxes of Halloween decorations.
But as I've gotten older, lazier, less social, Halloween doesn't hold the same charm anymore.
But I did enjoy the Costume contest here at the Kingdom. Just about every dog participated!
Bumble Bee & flower

Flower Child

Pirate: Notice the hook instead of leg?

Flamingo dancer?

Santa's Elf
Bride, Doris & Groom, Tucker
After the costume contest, we actually all went trick or treating with our dogs! I'm surprised Devin didn't throw up all the doggie junk food he ate along the way. And Lyla has such af great nose, that it was difficult to keep her out of the treat bowls throughout the park. Here's our loot!!!
How do you exercise while on the road?
Anyone use Wii or Kinect? Don't you shake the whole RV?
Exercise resistance bands? 
Local Gyms?


Murder at the Office: A Survivor's True StoryMurder at the Office: A Survivor's True Story by Brent C. Doonan
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

One you get past the basic story of what happened, this book gets pretty boring.
The book describes the history of the murderer and some of his victims.
The history overlaps between characters, so it's gets repetitive, hearing the same events over & over.
I got the idea and it's very sad, but not worth my time to read the whole book.
I'll stick with programs on TV to tell the short versions of murder.

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Love's Wildest PromiseLove's Wildest Promise by Patricia Matthews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An historic, romance, adventure novel, set in the early development of the US.
A young woman learns to be strong through many tribulations. Will her troubles never end?
Lots of sex without being graphic. I'm surprised, to the point of finding it unrealistic, that Sarah never became pregnant. But of course, this IS fiction.
I enjoyed the history and geography interspersed in the story.
4 stars instead of 5 because of the typical, rather dull ending.  But I looked forward to reading and reading this, in spite of my negative remarks.

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Desperado LawmanDesperado Lawman by Harper Allen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have been pleasantly surprised with the "Harlequin Intrigue" books. I see these similar covers and "Harlequin" and just assume it will be only so-so because of the bad rap Harlequin romances have gotten.
My name is Debbie, and I am a romance addict.
This murder mystery was very interesting with many suspects and romance thrown in.
Very enjoyable read.

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  1. Love the doggie outfits, especially the Flamenco dancer! I started walking in June and was up to 3 miles a day, usually 1.5 in the morning and then the second half later in the day. Last Winter I did Wii Fit with the balance board and no, I didn't rock the whole rig. I love walking and use an iPhone pedometer app to track my miles. That is uploaded to Daily Mile online and it's cool to see my miles rack up and interact with others on the DM site. :)

  2. Love the doggie pics and the gang chillin in the 5th wheel! Down time sounds so nice...

  3. We job, we hike, we walk around whatever park we are in for 3 miles. Sometimes we bike, but never up hills so it isn't really exercise. We aim for 10,000 steps a day (us a pedometer).

    1. I need to get a pedometer. That would help me reach a daily goal. Thanks.

  4. There you are wearing that sweet shawl I want!! Nice to get all do you like that chair? I still don't know which one I want for our roadtrip!

    Exercise on the road? I sure plan to take my yoga mat...I love to do light weights too - might have to be a couple gallon jugs of water :O). I took pilates for a long time so I plan to put those moves in motion. And HIKING and BIKING for sure...maybe you can scout out some nice bike trails across your travels...and just get on the floor and doing some serious stretching can clean out those organs. Lots of cool apps for keeping track and journaling for motivation helps me.


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