Saturday, October 27, 2012

Good Food & Drinks

Rutherfordton, NC 28139
Part of RV life is constantly making new friends, especially when staying in one place for 3 months! Scott & I don't really celebrate any holidays, or special dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Our gifts to each other is giving the gift of freedom from the pressure of remembering dates and then scrambling to find a gift and card. Back to celebrations...
We may not celebrate, but Sharon & Marian, seasonal RV'rs here at the Kingdom, certainly make a big deal over birthdays. 
We were all invited to their site for snacks, wine, champagne and birthday cake.
We must have had about 20 people attend. Nice campfire, free flowing wine and then champagne to toast Marian, the birthday girl! What a nice group of people and a nice gathering.
Carrot cake from a local bakery was the birthday cake. Delicious! I will review further down.
Champagne for All!! Birthday girl in center.
Rat Pack Weekend  at the Kingdom: This is another great weekend at FOUR PAWS KINGDOM CAMPGROUND. First the evening starts off with a delicious catered dinner by Meik, the resident Chef. Dinner review further down. After dinner, Meik takes off his chef's hat and dons a Fedora, and morphs into Dean Martin & performs a reenactment of one of the Dean Martin Shows, with some songs and jokes included.

There are two intermissions during the show. During this time the guests have chips to use for a few games of chance to win credits for discounts at the Kingdom.
This night is what makes great memories.
RESTAURANT REVIEW: All 3 Cafe's are associated with each other.
Cafe at the Mall:
All bread are baked on the premises. Delicious.
RED POTATO SOUR CREAM SOUP: Plenty of chunks of potatoes & creamy. Good but was lacking in a little something. Maybe some garlic or a spice, maybe a little tarragon or rosemary?
ROAST BEEF SANDWICH: Very good. These are not huge, piled high sandwiches that may impress some people. I'm more for the quality of the sandwich rather than trying to figure out how to take a bite out of those ridiculous mile high sandwiches. Thin slices of roast beef, a couple of slices of swiss cheese and a touch or carmelized onions, all on home baked sourdough bread.
POTATO SALAD: Home made, pretty good, not too sweet.
BLACKENED SALMON SANDWICH: Excellent. Very different. The salmon was cooked perfectly with a nice blacened crust with a nice bite to it. Served on a delicious type of hard roll. The salmond had a slice of swiss cheese, some green peppers, pineapple bits, and sliced avocado. Yum!!!
SAVORY PARMESAN SWEET POTATOES: Very good. Basically plain mashed sweet potatoes with fresh grated parmasan cheese sprinkled on top.
TRIFLE: Poor. I did not care for this at all. It was not
Cafe to go:
BLACK BEAN SOUP: Excellent. Traditional Cuban Black Bean Soup with a perfect blend of the right spices.
CHICKEN CLUB SANDWICH: Excellent. Thinly sliced chicken, bacon, provolone, mayo, greens, sun-dried tomato pesto, onion on home made mulitgrain bread.
MANGO SLAW: Wonderful. Very refreshing, light and slightly sweet. Cabbage sliced extremely thin. Just a touch of mango bits for sweetness.

Cafe Baking Co.:
HOME MADE BREADS: All that I've tried have been wonderful.
CARROT CAKE: Excellent. Taste just like I'd make myself, with cream cheese frosting. This is what was served as the birthday cake mentioned in RV Social Life above.
CARMELIZED APPLE CAKE: Delicious. Moist slightly autumn spiced layer cake with a maple buttercream icing and glazed apples throughout the cake.
COCONUT RASPBERRY CAKE: Delicous. Moist yellow layer cake, with a light buttercream icing with FRESH grated (unsweetened) coconut on top. Raspberry puree in between the layers.
CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CAKE: Deep chocolate layer cake with creamy dark chocolate icing. For all this chocolate, I thought it would be so sweet that a glass of milk would be needed to cut the sweetness. But this is not all that sweet, so it's very easy to eat a lot! Delicious.
OATMEAL CRANBERRY COOKIES: Delicious. Soft, plenty of oatmeal chewiness with perfect amount of cranberry bits.
I am addicted to all 3 of these places.

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