Friday, October 12, 2012

Hitch Itch

Rutherfordton, NC 28139
"Hitch Itch" I get it! We've been in NC since a week before Labor Day.  I am definitely getting the itch to hitch up. I am very happy where we are, and this is a great place to workamp! But we are still fairly new to fulltime RV'ing (a little over a year). We have many places to check out before/if we settle in one spot.
I heard the term "Hitich Itch" from their website HITCH ITCHWe connect people sharing their RV lifestyle. This is a GREAT resource to find other full time bloggers & links to many RV travel info sites. We are included in their list.
We are presently in the SW area of NC, very close to SC. Although I love snow and cold weather, I'd rather be above 40° in an RV. After December 1, our schedule is completely open. Our summer 2013 goal is to be in the Oregon, Washington, Idaho area.  Last winter, we traveled along the Gulf coast of Florida, Louisiana, then a little North in Mississippi and into TX.
We would like to cover a different area this winter. Any suggestions???
Very tentative travel plans through southern part of Tennessee, Arkansas, and just a quick stop in Oklahoma. We want to hit San Antonio, TX. We were close last year, but had to skip it. After San Antonio, TX, we can find our own way.
We are planning on having ALL our carpet taken out and replaced with something that cleans easily and is durable. Some of the products we considered...
Pergo: Floating floor, made with plastic/melamine resin. 50 yr guarantee...really? Just a fleeting thought, and was quickly dismissed. I have heard that Pergo may not adjust to temperature changes that can happen in the RV. Our basements are heated, but the area where there is no basement may cool too much and the Pergo may shrink (Men, you know how "things" shrink in the cold). The Pergo shrinkage would not make me happy, (same as my husband's shrinkage would not make me happy). So sorry...I'm on my 2nd glass of wine and am known for being a "cheap date" as in it doesn't take much alcohol to make me tipsy. Back on the main subject please...When Pergo shrinks, it can cause gapping, which is not good. Also Pergo, although durable would be too slippery for our dogs.
Allure, by Traffic Master: Floating floor, made with vinyl. 25 yr guarantee. This was a strong contender. This can withstand the temperature changes and had a 25 yr guarantee. We will have a lot of traffic in a small space, so we need something durable.
And the winner is...
SOBELLA FIBERGLASS,by Mannington: Floating or glue down. Vinyl top layer, with fiberglass underlayers  We chose this because with having dogs and accidents (mainly tummy trouble, not housebreaking), this is a solid piece so no liquid will seep between the sections as plank type flooring. This flooring also has indenting to give the feel/look of separate planking while actually being one large piece. And, the fiberglass under layers are flexible, so it makes for a softer surface. This is not only comfy for us humans, but also a little gripping actions for the doggies claws.
Below is the color we chose. Our RV wood trim/cabinets is a golden oak, so I wanted a slightly darker color on the floor.
Mannington Timberton Spice Fiberglass Flooring - ALT120
I will give a review when it is installed at the end of November,and then after a few months use.
Aldi's Grandessa signature German Roasted coffee
My rating 3 out of 5

There is an ALDI'S locally here in Forest City, NC. I was always under the impression that Adli's was like SAVE-A-LOT. But I was wrong. Save-a-lot is off brand groceries. I'm not impressed. When I went into an Aldi's, I also saw off brand, not realizing that the brand is a manufacturer from Germany. And many of their products are quite similar to TRADER JOES'S, but without the fancy marketing and displays. The owner's of Four Paws Kingdom Campground are from Germany, so they knew all about Aldi's Grandessa Signature brand. They suggested their coffee was very good as was their chocolate.
Review: At $4.99 for just over a pound of coffee, this would be thought of as a good buy, IF you like the coffee. Packaging was great in that it was vacuum packed to keep the coffee fresh.
I drink my coffee black unless it is really horrible. If I'm having coffee at a friends and it's horrible, then I'll add cream & a little sugar just to be polite and tolerate drinking it.
Birgit (Four Paws owner & my "boss"), Pat (fellow workamper & neighbor) & I had coffee made by Birgit, at the office. We enjoyed chatting and eating home made plum cake as well.  I assume, she was serving the Aldi's coffee. I was able to drink it black.  I'm much more tolerant of coffee when in public.
Making it at home for my first cup of the day and "me time", this coffee was a huge disappointment. Even as I sniffed the brewed cup before sipping, I didn't enjoy the smell.  The taste had almost a flowery tang to it. I couldn't finish the cup. So Grandessa Signature Brand mild coffee isn't horrible, but I will not be purchasing another. Scott seems to be able to drink it though. He drinks his coffee with cream & sugar.
Tid bit about Aldi's:
From FORBES on line mag: The March 2012 issue of the German Manager Magazin reported on the current Aldi operations. Aldi was founded by Karl and Theo Albrecht in 1913 when they opened a small grocery store in Essen. By 1950 they ran 13 stores. The brothers split the company in 1960 when they could not agree whether to sell cigarettes. In 1962 they introduced the name Aldi for their stores. (Albrecht Diskount = ALDI). The brothers retired in 1993 and gave their wealth to foundations which operate the stores.

The two divisions Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd operate from Essen and Mülheim, Germany. The global operation reaches 15 countries outside of Germany. The Aldi stores are small, low margin, high quality food stores with little fancy fixturing. Recently they have selectively introduced in Germany some fancy foods like lox, lobsters, champagne and other gourmet items in order to attract a more diversified clientele.

Nothing Lasts ForeverNothing Lasts Forever by Sidney Sheldon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can't say this book was exciting, but I had a difficult time putting it down. I was drawn to it. I spent the afternoon reading instead of on the computer because I was enjoying it so much.
3 women from different backgrounds start their residency together. 3 women that give you a different impression on the outside of who they really are on the inside.
I like medical mysteries, so this was just "what the Dr. ordered".

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Morning, Noon & NightMorning, Noon & Night by Sidney Sheldon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An estranged family and a multi million dollar will.
Story develops the 3 heirs or is it 4? Covers their childhood, then adult hood without access to their Father's billions. Do they make careers? or do they try to slide by waiting for their inheritance? Are they even included in the will? The plot thickens.
Very enjoyable read.

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  1. We'll eventually do something besides the carpet in our 5er when the time comes. I'm curious about the weight of the flooring you've chosen? :)

  2. Suggestions? Well, it won't be Illinois :O)!!!
    I am always amazed how the cashier knows the price of every product in that store by heart? And often thought Aldi and Trader Joe owners were brothers and one day the brother would sell out his Aldi stores to his Trader Joe brother and then we'd have A Trader Joe like on every corner!!


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