Monday, October 8, 2012

Tin Can Tourist

Rutherfordton, NC 28139

Our friends from the Cedar Creek RV Owners Club recently lost their senior dog, Lacey. Rest in Peace sweet one. It is never easy to lose a dog even though he/she is up there in years. Your companion is gone and never to be exactly replaced. My thoughts are with you A.G. & Maryanne.

Sorrow is a burden that no one can share,
but the load can be lightened by people who care.
Thinking of you you during this difficult time.
One of the events held at Four Paws Kindgom Campground, is the TIN CAN TOURIST Rally. The members of this group are a lot of fun. We, as workampers were able to join in on their pot luck dinner and enjoy touring through their cool vintage, new, remodeled trailers during their "open house". I believe this event is held twice during the season. It's one of my favorite weekends here. Many of the trailers are themed, such as cowboy, or shabby chic, or 1950/60's to coordinate with the year of their rig.
Western Theme
Ewww, creepy! She's a dummy!
60's/70's Mod

Very Cozy Looking.
They even had a celebrity guest appearance... 
Wilma Flintstone!
The highlight of my tour was meeting this sweet, sweet, I want to take you home, dog.
This little guy greeted us at the door with tail wagging and lifting his front paw asking to be petted. I could become a "little dog person", if I found a dog like this sweety!!!
Four Paws served a BBQ dinner for $14.00 per person. Delicious as always. Scott was part of the serving line.
Scott on left
L to R: Don (workamper), Meik (chef & boss), Scott (hubby, not my boss) & Birgit (boss of boss)

Don't let those smiles fool ya! We are absolutely miserable here and our bosses are tyrants!  NOT TRUE.
Well, how about Meik is pinching Don & Scott, and Birgit is squeezing Scott's bum? NOT TRUE.
They're all laughing AT you because you missed out on this great workamping opportunity! COULD BE TRUE. 
The truth? You can't handle the truth, because you're not here enjoying this great workamping gig.
The truth? Just a great group of people enjoying serving the campers and enjoying working together. TRUE.
BBQ Dinner @ Four Paws Kingdom
My rating 4.5 out of 5
Would have gotten 5 out of 5 if Streusel was served warm with a scoop of ice cream.
Although this isn't really a restaurant, I still wanted to rate this dinner for those who may be tempted to visit this great campground.
Great price for a lot of good food. $14.00 includes dinner, dessert & entertainment.
Daddy's PULLED PORK: Delicious with great hickory smoked flavor. 
RIBS: My favorite! Again, that great smoked flavor. The outside was charred just slightly for that gilled taste and texture, and the rest was tender, almost fall off the bone. I didn't even put BBQ sauce on them because they were so good naked!
CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS: Once again that great smoked flavor. I saved these for lunch the next day because there was so much food!
BAKED BEANS: Very good, slightly sweet.
Grandma'a POTATO SALAD: Yum!! Home made and addicting! I think there's dill and minced apples in the recipe. 
BUTTERMILK BISCUITS: The website states "made from scratch". I don't know what kind of ingredient  "scratch" is, but these are my kind of biscuits. Would love these with some sausage gravy! 
GERMAN STREUSEL: Delicious! It's a shame we couldn't appreciate it since we were so stuffed from the meal.

Being the lucky workampers that we are, we were able to take home some extra food. So fill those plastic tubs up with some of Grandma's potato salad! Thank you very much!


  1. Sounds like fun! The Wilma Flintstone in the photo reminded me of Bob Newhart's secretary Carol. :)

  2. That had to be too much fun!!!! I love the mod 70's look! Even thought the Western gal scared me a bit :O(!!!! And sadness for Lacey...hope she's sprinting up the in the heavens with all the others sweet pups! Yu find the best "eating" :O) JEALOUS!


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