Sunday, November 11, 2012

We are so fortunate.

Rutherfordton, NC 28139

I know, I know, I haven't been posting very much. My motto is "no news is good news". How often do you hear positive comments as to negative. It seems so much easier to complain and voice that opinion than to voice our praise.
I am willing to learn from other's mistakes. Yes, I'm talking about you David from Flip Flop Vector blog.
Would you like me to explain, blog followers?
David & Teri had a fairly serious mishap a few weeks ago. You can follow what happened and the outcome at their blog FLIP FLOP VECTOR.
Two days after their mishap, Teri mentioned to David..."you remember last night commenting you didn't have much to blog about right now". Careful what you ask for. So with that being said, I WILL NOT COMPLAIN about nothing to write about. There's always something to post about. My post may not interest everyone, but it will interest some.
Scott & I have been very fortunate to not have any serious accidents with our rig, truck or health. We have had items to be repaired as we go along, but that is to be expected.
We are very fortunate to live in the USA.
We are fortunate that there are men and women willing to risk their lives to protect our freedom. Thank you so, so much to our Veterans and current military. It's a sad state that we do need to defend our country, but thank you for your commitment.
I saw this on facebook...
"Men who wear helmets and defend freedom should be paid more then men who wear helmets and defend a football!"
We are fortunate that we escaped NJ and didn't have to deal with the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy.
Speaking of Sandy, I'd like to give a shout out to Tide, for setting up their washing stations in multiple areas hit by Sandy. They call this good deed, LOADS OF HOPE . We as the outsiders looking in only see the big picture. Homes destroyed, lives lost, no electric, no water.  There are shelters open to house many folks, others are staying in their homes and bundling up to keep warm. But there are the "little things", that may seem minor to us, but are a big deal when you're going through it.  I never thought about people having to do their laundry. Not only because of lack of utilities, but also from being soaked from Sandy also.
I just heard of another group that are helping the animals caught in the middle because of Sandy.  With homes being destroyed, families may not be able to take their dogs to people shelters, or if they are staying with friends or temporarily renting. SANDY DOG NANNIES OF VT has been established. Volunteers will take care of your pets in their home until you can get yourself established again. That is one less responsibility to have to worry about.
I haven't heard from any friends back in NJ, but peeked on their Facebook pages. Most without power for over a week. Some moved in with friends.
My Sister-in-law and her husband own or manage Rehoboth Bay Marina in Dewey, DE.
This is after Sandy.

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  1. Our mishap vs. Hurr Sandy, we are the fortunate...:)


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