Monday, December 3, 2012

December Photo Project Day 3- Into the woods

Day Three

A walk in the woods on a crisp autumn day makes me happy.

The anticipation of entering the woods along a fallen leaf path, is a calming feeling for me. A special time with my dogs and sometimes hubby tags along also.
This photo does not do my feelings justice. Also we need more than just a photo. We need to imagine what I'm hearing, feeling, and smelling while taking this walk.
The air is a crisp, clean temp of about 55°, I hear crickets, a distant bark, still some birds chirping even though it is dusk.  I hear the rustle of squirrels running through the thick carpet of dried leaves. The sun is just beginning to go down. I smell in the distance, the campfire my husband, Scott is enjoying. I also smell the chicken being grilled over the charcoal. Ahhhh & mmmmmm! 
The campground is quiet with only us and the owners on the grounds. We are at one end and they are at the other.  It's like having our own large beautiful wooded property. I will cherish these quiet cool days.

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